450€ Small business and fourth Hartz receipt

Beneficiaries who receive Hartz IV benefits may also earn some money. Small jobs on the basis of 450 euros offer the opportunity to improve the low income a little bit with little time. However, those receiving Unemployment Benefit II (Hartz IV) should take a few things into consideration so that extra income does not become a trap.

Small job differences

First of all, it should be distinguished: a small job is not just a small job. A distinction must be made here between two types of small labour.

  • A job worth 450 euros is performed on a permanent and regular basis
  • The short term mini job, which is limited to 3 months or maximum 70 working days

This distinction is important: In an ordinary small job, the income limit is limited to 450 euros per month. There is no income limit for temporary work. Employees should clarify this difference in working with their employer before taking on the business.

Can several small jobs be filled at the same time?

Anyone who accepts many small jobs should note that the additional income should not be more than 450 euros. If you have a major job, you can only have one small job.

Insist on a contract of employment

Small jobs are often only agreed upon orally. However, labor law also applies to small jobs. For example, it is possible to receive severance pay even after termination of service.

Therefore, even with small jobs, employment contracts must always be entered into in writing! The terms of the framework should also be specified in the contract. This includes, among other things, length of work, hours of work, area(s) of responsibility and remuneration.

Hartz IV Income Limits

Anyone receiving a Hartz IV should note that income limits apply here. Monthly payments of up to 100 EUR are not counted. This €100 may not be deducted from your current Hartz IV payment by the Job Centre.

If income exceeds the non-deductible €100, small business owners can keep only 20 percent of the income. The remaining 80 percent is taken into account, so that fewer benefits are paid by the job center.

sample account: Max Mustermann receives his second unemployment benefit. In addition, he has a 450-euro job in a bakery. Max keeps €100 plus 20 per cent of the remaining €350. In total, Max keeps only 170 euros.

Income from paid work

Provisions calculated from gross income are deducted from net income. In the case of income from self-employment, profit represents total income, the result being income that can be added to ALG II.

The provisions are defined as follows (§§ 11 to 11b SGB II):

  1. Basic allowance: 100 euros
  2. Allowance 1: 20% of the total from €100.01 to €1000.00
  3. Allowance 2: 10% of the total amount from € 1000.01 to € 1200.00, with at least one child in BG up to € 1500

In addition, certain amounts can be deducted in addition to the basic allowance, namely:

  • additional contribution to health insurance,
  • alimony actually paid due to statutory alimony obligations in accordance with a maintenance deed or a notarized maintenance agreement,
  • The amount taken into account as parental support when calculating the Bafög or BAB.

Is part-time work still worth it?

Since the small job is no longer viable after that, some people are silent about starting the business. However, the business center usually learns about the activity through central inquiries or information.

Victims then breach the obligation to cooperate under Article 60 Paragraph 1 of Book I of the Social Code.

A small job can also provide an opportunity to gain a foothold in the company in order to achieve a regular job at a later time. It can also be discussed with the employer in advance whether these opportunities exist.

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