Players can’t believe why community days are so short

Pokémon GO Community Day events must only be active for 3 hours starting in April. Niantic said the players wanted exactly that change. The game director explained the decision in more detail on Twitter and the community doesn’t really buy into the reasons.

This is the situation in Pokémon GO now:

Here we show you the new data found from the developers and the discussions this leads to.

What led to the shortest C-Days?

You need to know: Before Corona rewards, Pokémon GO Community Days only lasted 3 hours. At the beginning of the epidemic, the event time was doubled. So players who started Pokemon GO in the past two years don’t know anything different.

These are the new details: After publishing the interview with Michael Steranka and explaining “one of the reasons we reassessed the format of a community day is requests from coaches to reset it to three hours” and “less than 5% of players participate. On a community day of more than 3 hours,” coaches wanted More information. On Twitter, user JreSeawolf, well known in the TheSilphroad community, writes to Niantic and directly to Steranka as the community voice.

JreSeawolf meticulously addresses all of the concerns raised, saying, among other things, that they completely misinterpret the “5%” data. “The 5% are most likely players who only want to play for 3 hours” (via He’s asking the Pokémon GO team to reconsider this decision.

Michael Steranka responds to this in several tweets and explains:

Hi @JreSeawolf – Thanks for the day and for the honest comments on this article. There were a few things I shared in this interview that unfortunately didn’t make it to the final story, but I’m happy to share them here to give the full context:

One of the reasons why we reconsidered what a community day looks like is the coaches’ desire to shorten it to 3 hours. After receiving this feedback, we looked at our data and found that less than 5 percent of players played more than 3 hours on community days.

This number drops to less than 2 percent for sessions lasting 4 hours or longer. In addition, we were shocked when we compared the 6-hour community days with the 3-hour classic community day and found that the posts were nearly identical.

It became apparent that although it was less convenient, with advance notice, coaches could schedule community days for 3 hours and attend as often as 6 hours.

We really want to make this event the best it can be, and we’re very excited to create a more focused experience where coaches can meet in the real world while still earning the most rewards in half the time.

This is a test to see how it goes, but we hope the coaches will agree that these changes are for the best when they attend the next Community Day in April.

Also, would love to meet you for a drink and chat sometime! But until then, I’d like to contact you to discuss more about this, if you’d like. Send me a direct message if you are interested.


“Don’t open a fast food restaurant for only 20 minutes a day”

This is the coach’s problem: Coaches don’t like why Community Day is short again. You cannot bypass logic.

In a reddit thread about Steranka’s recent tweets, user mason240 wrote, “I think I need to say the obvious first. I don’t buy it and it doesn’t make sense at all.” He points to the statement that coaches should have called for the shortest days of society. “Let’s say you always played community days from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Why should you mind if they work 6 hours?”

Additionally, when confirming that Community Day in April is only a test, coaches take into account the special circumstances of the test.

  • I ran past community days with Sandan, Hoppspross, and Seemops. Pokemon that have been in the game for a long time
  • Community Day in April brings an all-new Pokémon, Velursi, to make its debut at the event. In addition, developing 400 candies is very expensive and you have to catch a lot of Pokemon

Trainers now believe that these special circumstances falsify the test results and that releasing new Pokémon will abnormally increase participation.

“It is a poorly designed test (maybe intentional). The Velursi is indeed a much more desirable candidate than the previous one, and it is a perfect FOMO machine [FOMO steht für Fear of missing Out – also die Angst, etwas zu verpassen]. Die Einführung einer brandneuen Pokemon-Familie (das erste mal überhaupt für CDs) – mit 400 Bonbons zum Entwickeln – wird bereits viele Spieler dazu bringen, die vollen 3 Stunden zu spielen, obwohl swichelie nic das etur ability. A better test would be to play a 3-hour CD with a similar filter as the base, eg B. Kleinstein or Sliema,” Tiban 54 writes on reddit.

User milo4206 shows with two ingenious examples why Niantic’s logic is so incomprehensible.

  • Example 1: Gym owners: “We found that only 5% of our members exercise for more than an hour. That’s why we now only open the gym for one hour a day.”
  • Example 2: Owners of a fast food chain: “We found that only 5% of our customers spend more than 20 minutes in the store, so we only open our dining area for 20 minutes a day”

What do you think of the changes in the community days? Do you think it is a good idea to compress the event into a few hours so that you have a chance to meet several coaches again or do you think 6 hours was a good fit for the event? Write to us here on MeinMMO in the comments how you feel about the changes and choose the format that suits you best in our survey here in the article.

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