Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer: How to Create Your Camp for Online Games and Play with Friends

Lots of fun in Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer It consists of cooperating with three other players and fighting against overwhelming odds.

While the basic mechanics remain the same in the single player, teaming up with other players provides a great way to confront tougher monsters and help each other get valuable loot.

But the system isn’t easy to understand – especially for those from Monster Hunter World – so here’s an explanation of how it works.

What you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer:

What you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer

Before we get started, there are a few things to note about how the Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer game works:

  • Monster Hunter Rise supports multiplayer for up to four players.
  • Monster Hunter Rise missions are divided into two types – village missions and location missions. Village quests are single player quests (found by talking to Hinoa who is outside), while location quests (found by talking to Minoto inside) can be played either alone or with others.
  • The difficulty increases with each additional player who joins you on a location mission.
  • You can ask others to join you in the middle of a mission via the Ask to Join feature – formerly known as “SOS Sign” in the world – which is useful if you’re having trouble. You can also bring friends in the middle of the mission if you prefer to start alone first – provided you’ve created a lobby beforehand.
  • In our experience, when there is a connection error, everyone seems to persist in their search state, presumably having a hard time scaling based on which one is left.
  • If you’re worried about loot, you can get rewards so you don’t fall short compared to solo cultivation.
  • You should also ensure that you have a Switch Online membership to be able to play online multiplayer.

How to play Monster Hunter Rise in a group with friends and set up camps

Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer game works differently from Monster Hunter World and basically works through the camp system.

You must first create a lobby so players can gather together to do quests – which means you have to either create a camp for other players to join you, or if you’re looking for players, find a room that a friend created. You can also search for lobbies for a specific hunt if you want to play online with other random players

How to create a camp in Monster Hunter Rise

1) In the village, talk to the courier—also known as Senri the Postman, who sits between the Elder and Village Quest Vendor Hinoa—for a variety of online options.

2)To create a camp in Monster Hunter Rise, go to “Online Play” and then “Create Camp”. This gives you a variety of options to narrow down the type of activity you want to create. This is useful when you want to crush a particular monster with random players who can discover your informant and join you. If you’re not sure what you want to do in this session, leave everything open.

Remember, if you want it to be a private session, only those you know will be able to access it, so make sure the Passcode option is enabled.

3) You are now in the camp you created. If you have someone in mind to play with, send them their camp ID and passcode (if specified). You can continue to play normally. When another player is ready to join you, they will appear in your session.

How do others find your camp?

How to join a camp and make friends in Monster Hunter Rise

1) Talk to the Courier—also known as Senri the Postman, who can be found between the Elder and Village Quest Vendor Hinoa—in the village for various online options.

2) From here you have several options:

  • If you want to join a specific camp, you can go to Play Online and then search for the Camp ID. This is useful if you have set up a session with someone who is not on your friends list.

How do others find your camp?

  • If the person who created the camp is on your friends list, it may be faster to select “friends list” from the list. Remember that you must first have set up a camp for you to join.
  • If you want to play with random people, select Play Online and then Find Camps. Here you can enter your criteria – for example, playing a certain rank or hunting a particular creature, which will then show you which camps are available for you to freely join.

This is how you start searching on the internet

Once the camp is established, you have to start the mission that you want to play with the others. It is up to you whether you want to wait in the village or jump right in, but in both cases the process of starting and joining is the same.

To start a task, go to the Location Tasks panel (located near Minoto inside) and select a task as you normally would. (Remember that you cannot play Village Quests in a multiplayer game)

You will then have the opportunity to continue setup before confirming that you are ready with the ZR button. You can wait for other players to get ready or start before – it’s up to you.

When joining a mission set up by another player, go to the mission board and select “Join Location Mission”. Once again, you have time to prepare before you accept with the ZR button.

You can also respond to your membership request here…

Monster Hunter Rise Help System: How to Submit a Join Request

In addition to the above camp system, there is a “request to join” function. This allows you to ask another player to join you in the middle of a mission, which is useful if you’re having trouble with your current hunt.

The incentive for other players to help is that they receive an “assistant bonus” if they accept a request with a Hunter rank lower than them; It’s also a useful way to bypass the camp system described above if you want to hunt down a particular creature by joining a mission already in progress.

How to apply to join Monster Hunter Rise

To start the Join Request in the middle of a task, open the menu, then go to Tasks (second tab from the left) and Join Request at the bottom. This will now open your task for others to join.

How to respond to a request to join Monster Hunter Rise

To help another player, go to the task board located in the locations area. Select the option “Respond to the request to join”. Now you have all the joining requests to choose from.

Note that unlike the camp system above, you will be charged for this session right away – so make sure you’re ready before admission.

How to dissolve or leave the camp

If you have an open camp and want to close it or leave – perhaps you want to work alone for a while or set up a new camp – head back to the Courier (Senri the Postman) in the center of the village.

In the options menu, you can select “Leave the camp”.

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