Hamburg Towers: “Without passion, neither sports nor business”

Hamburg. The match against Bayern Munich on Sunday (6 pm / MagentaSport) at stadium as an application game for Justus Holtz To set the guard point Hamburg towers it is not fair. The talent, who has turned 21 since Thursday, does not need to apply anywhere, quite the opposite. Even NBA teams compete for the Harburger.

Totally open to knowing if and where Hulats will move in the summer. However, it was decided to advertise commercial activities outside the basketball league floor. who – which Lüneburg clothing company “Telem”, Which has been the official partner of the towers for years, signed Holtz as athletic partner. Under the slogan “Don’t lose your juice”, the national player is the face of the company with a jacket specially designed for him. Abendblatt spoke to Tellem Director Timo Kröger (32) and Hollatz: about their friendship, athletes as brands and the similarities between sport and business.

Hamburger Abendblatt: Mr. Holtz, who called you “juice”?

Justus Holtz: “My ex-teammate Heiko Schaffartzik. When I got hit twice, he said the juice was loose.”

Gentlemen, which startup is currently running more successfully: Hollatz or Tellem?

Timo Krueger (laughs): “Sure from Justus! That’s a good thing. I have more time with Tellem than a limited athlete in his career. But I’m also satisfied with how things are going in our company. The past two years with the coronavirus haven’t been easy. But from an athlete’s point of view, Justus can also be He sings a song about it. So I’d say it’s going well for both of us, but Justus is still a bit ahead of us. But we still have room for improvement.”

Mr. Krueger, you mentioned: What parallels do you see between athletes and entrepreneurs?

Kroger: “Maybe you can be successful in the short term if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, but that won’t work in the long term. Passion and patience are the most basic requirements for me. I think I can speak to me and Justus: sport doesn’t work without passion it’s still work.”

Professional athletes are often referred to as Ich-AGs. How much selfishness do you need to be successful?

wooden bib: “To some extent, yes, after all I play sports as a job, I enjoy it and I want to make my money with it. The better the athlete does and continues to take the next step, the more it helps. Team success is just as important, basketball is a team sport and every A club that is looking for players who can improve others.”

You are one of the biggest talents in Europe, and you signed up for the NBA draft. Many experts believe that you have a great career. Are fake friends imposing themselves now?

wooden bib: “Unfortunately, that’s what I went through. After I signed up for the NBA draft, I got a lot of messages, and I was asked for tickets. Thankfully, my family made sure I didn’t get caught up in something like that. Timo is a friend and business associate that my parents accepted.” (He laughs) “.

Professional players have one advisor, and sometimes several advisors. Justus Hollatz is sponsored by the well-known “Beo Basket” agency. However, there are no agents for startup companies. Mr. Krueger, do you sometimes wish for something like this, or do you experience it too attractive?

Kroger: “Experiencing things is very important. Even if something doesn’t work out the first time, it’s still very helpful. You get upset for a moment, learn from your mistakes and then move on. At The Towers, I’m either an extrovert who listens a lot from others and asks for feedback.” So I don’t have a “single agent”, but I have a great environment with which I exchange ideas regularly.”

wooden bib: “You constantly ask me if things look great. You are the design expert (laughs). So far I have had no objections, I love everything. If you need advice, Timo is always there, he is a good person. The surface is outside the sports bubble” .

Which is more likely: Justus Hollatz signing an NBA contract or you and your company sponsoring the shirts in the towers?

Kroger: “That’s a good question: I can certainly imagine becoming more present in the towers with Tellem. As a supplier or sponsor of the jersey – I’m still a long way off. I think Justus’ transition to the NBA will come faster. I’m definitely important to make the right move in the right time. If you want too much too quickly, it can also backfire.”

wooden bib: “Then I would have nothing against Tellem as an NBA jersey sponsor.”

KRUGER (laughs): “This explains why I don’t need a business advisor. Justus has enough good ideas. I can count on him.”

What benefits do you see for Tellem in sports sponsorship and why does this form of advertising generally make sense?

Kroger: “First of all, I must say it was a great feeling to see our logo on a billboard in the plaza for the first time. It was really cool. Our company and the towers share the same values. Streetwear and basketball also go together in an original way. Sport favorably, and companies can gain reliable credibility.Through discussions with other sponsors, I can say with certainty that sponsorship of the Towers is worth it in the long run if it makes an original and interesting partnership – here sport offers many creative starting points.And of course, As a sponsor, we also benefit from interest in the zodiac, whether it’s through the media or from the fans who come into the hall. It’s give and take. We also want to do something to make Hamburg basketball the biggest will.”

Mr. Krueger, you may now frankly admit it: Is the Sports Partnership an attempt to persuade Justus Holtz to stay in the Towers?

Kroger: “No, I don’t envy him his way, even if I would have preferred to see him in a Towers shirt. The partnership is the result of our friendship that began when he was 17. At that time, I brought clothes for the team., which all the players jumped on. Only Justus asked on He reluctantly asked if he could also get a hat. I found that very sympathetic. In this honest way he can show others what can be achieved. This is the message that Tellem products should send.”

There are adversities in both business and sports. Whether it’s an athlete’s injury or a pandemic at work, for example. How do you support each other when things are not going well?

Kroger: “As in any friendship, we are of course each other’s box of suggestions. If Justus isn’t feeling well, I’ll reach out to encourage him. We go out to eat, and do something together. I can always count on him, too, if there’s something in my heart, Sometimes it’s just good to clear your mind and talk about shared visions of the future. We have some great ideas. After all, the partnership also creates social projects, huh Justus was also very important.”

They make us curious. What are you planning specifically?

“We want to inspire kids and teens, for example by visiting a club during off-season training. A day like this can make a lot of young athletes happen – also for life. If I think more, I’d like to join at some point, Tellem has done By building basketball courts to create places where young people, but of course everyone else, can meet and connect. Sport has given me so much in my life and I want to lead by example in our products and brand experiences.”

wooden bib: “First, it is friendship, then cooperation. The economic aspect is secondary.”

Speaking of money: do you take care of your investments yourself, Mr. Holtz?

wooden bib: “I’ve kept track of things so far. Especially since I’m generally not a money waster. I save a fixed percentage. If I earn more in the future, my agency will help me in consulting a financial advisor.”

Even if you’re frugal, honestly, what are you going to deal with from your first big decade?

wooden bib: “I’m going to use part of it to thank my family, who have been so supportive, to come up with something for them. And I don’t have to forget my girlfriend either, or else I’ll get nervous (laughs).”

Updated: Saturday, 23/04/2022, 08:00

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