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Crowe kicked off his new tour in Ludwigsburg on Friday evening. Photo: Simon Granville/Simon Granville

Cro celebrated a relaxed party in Ludwigsburg with about 4,000 guests. The southern rapper once again proves his closeness to the masses.

Was there anything? Pandemic perhaps? Feel nothing about it on a Friday evening at the MHP Arena Ludwigsburg. Because this is where Cro begins his tour, The Man in the Mask, a rapper from the south, with great success throughout the German-speaking world – and in front of his stage is an auditorium filled with some 4,000 people enthusiastically celebrating Cro’s indifference.

It has been ten years since the multi-talented appeared on the scene. With his song “Easy”, he was a huge hit, and more followed. The interpreter remained hidden behind a fluffy panda mask. Instead, he wore an animal-stylized metal helmet, a new and futuristic mask, and while singing casually asked the audience for tips on how to prevent his lenses from fogging.

Feeling of a big private party

Cro has always developed this casual style. He acts spontaneously, walks around his stage, talks a little now and then, greets guests, celebrates the drummer’s birthday, starts a new song and always gives his fans the feeling of being at a party that’s too big, but somehow special to be there.

His stage consists of two moving staircases descending toward the center, where Crowe’s companions stand, and on them himself, he bows and bows like a mythical creature with a microphone in a silver robe. Sometimes these steps recede, giving way to abstract patterns, moving graffiti, space photos, lunar landscapes, and cloudscapes. And when Cro specifically wants red stage – he gets it, right away.

a little love

Opening Armias from Hanover evening. That Cro himself had arrived, about 20 minutes after 8 p.m., announces in a low, loud sci-fi voice–and soon stands there, with the new mask, bemoaning the lack of emotion, wishing to weep, singing: “Oh my God I’m a robot! My heart is Circuit board, there is no love in the system!”

Born in Motlangen near Schweich Gmund 32 years ago on January 31, Crowe, whose real name is Carlos Waibel, has created his own kind of good vibes with “Rob,” a self-confident blend of rap and pop. On stage, he picks up the guitar, sits on the keyboard, often squats in order to extend his hands to the masses, and slightly springs up. He is accompanied by Flo Koenig on drums, Tim Schwerter on guitar, Victor Flowers on bass, and Psycho Dino as DJ. Laura Castell from Wiesbaden, who unfortunately competed in the European Song Contest in 2019 as part of the duo “S! sters” without success, and Wanja Janeva, born in Bulgaria, at home in Berlin, is his background choir.

Luminous finish

Cro gives singers plenty of space, and allows their voices to carry entire songs, where he then speaks and sings. His voice is as calm as his demeanor; It is often enough to think of the soul, of the funk, of countries where the sun always shines. “Trip” is the name of Crowe’s last album, released a year ago, from which he sings seven songs.

He got Julian Schmidt, aka Schmidt, from Berlin to join him on stage, and worked on his single “Alles anders” in the spring—they’re both now playing this exact track. Later comes Badchieff, who was discovered by Cro four years earlier; They put together four pieces. The mood rises, Crowe finally sings “Easy,” the hall cheers, the rapper leaves.

“Carlo tied his shoes,” one of the musicians explains to the fans. “I have a feeling there is still one or two people standing there!” And Cro is already back to turn his appearance into a bigger party: “Endless Summer”, “So schön” and “Unendlichkeit” are the songs being encouraged, with the Ludwigsburg Arena dancing and singing. It’s back again: Cro then sits down at the keyboard, wears a landing space helmet with pointy ears, and sings a sad but friendly song. It’s called “The Last Song” and it is. Behind him the stars shine and the moon shines.

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