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Since April 3, Corona restrictions have been lifted in many places in northern Germany – including theaters. But not all homes in the north deal with it the same way.

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by Julia Jacob

For this Schlosstheater Celle There are no mask requirements nor 3G or 2G. However, it is recommended that the public wear an FFP2 mask there. The director of Schlosstheater Celle, Andreas Döhring, doesn’t think much about the right of the house for everyone to wear a mask: “If one can use the rights of the house, we see it as part of our basic position that we say people are responsible enough. That’s why we shouldn’t patronize them, that’s why We made the decision.”

This is a completely different decision Osnabrück theatre. The 3G and mask requirement is still in place there, but will be relaxed until April 20, press spokesperson Thomas Fritzschi says: “We have decided to relax in three stages. First of all, seats are full again, which is especially important for us because you are in the theatre. Sitting close to each other. And we have a better feeling about it – the responsiveness and willingness to let go of the gags were there, too.”

The audience retreated into the theaters

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Ciel Castle Theatre. © picture-alliance / dpa |  Trc Touristik Region Celle Photo: picture-alliance / dpa |  TRC Celle السياحة Tourism District

Wearing an FFP2 mask is recommended by Schlosstheater Celle, but it is no longer mandatory. The manager is in a conversation. more

There is another position Theater in Lueneburg. The theater uses its housing rights. Spectators must wear an FFP2 mask when visiting the theater. For artistic director Hajo Fouquet, the health of the audience is the top priority: “I’m sure we won’t have as many spectators. It’s also about subjective feelings. Suddenly everything is different and I have to deal with that too. .When I’m next to you for hours sitting with Someone I don’t know and there are people around me who are breathing. No matter how good the ventilation is, the feeling of safety is different when the mask is on.”

Either way, many theaters are far from full to capacity. Homes lost guests. Das gilt für das Theater in Lüneburg genauso wie für Osnabrück und Celle, bestätigt Andreas Döhring vom dortigen Schlosstheater: “Die Nachfrage ist immer noch so so viel geringer. Come.” “There are people who orient themselves differently, they have withdrawn,” adds Hajo Fouquet.

Request theater support from politics

Everyone agrees: nothing will happen quickly. It will take two or three years to reach numbers like those before Corona. New viewers need to be drawn to new concepts and plays. Hajo Fouquet of Lüneburg expressed everyone’s wish: Politics should not fail theaters in this time of turmoil because they are simply important: “We need theaters at this time. People need a place where they are protected and can engage in dialogue about the things that move them and that can Speak in the theatre.

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There is a surgical mask being used in front of the Kiel Landeshaus in the sunlight.  © picture alliance / SULUPRESS.DE Photo: Torsten Sukrow / SULUPRESS.DE

The new Infection Protection Law is in effect, and many of the Corona restrictions have been lifted. Hamburg and MV are still sticking with some measures. The rules at a glance. more

Entrance to a restaurant with a reference to the 3G regulation due to the Corona pandemic.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Hannes P. Albert

The red-and-red state government wants to scrap the 3G rule in gastronomy shortly before Easter. The obligation to test unvaccinated persons must fall on Maundy Thursday. more

A man wearing a mask stands at the window © Colourbox

On Monday there was a meeting of politicians. Politicians at this meeting talked about the Corona virus. The politicians decided: from May 1, no one will have to quarantine anymore. more

Osnabrück Theater | © Uwe Lewandowski

Each season, about 25 new productions, eight symphony concerts and more than 700 events are presented in the theater of five genres. external

Theater entrance area in Lüneburg.  © NDR Photo: Kirsten Ranf

The Lüneburg Theater offers a very diverse program for all generations in its three stages. external

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