BLSV Honors “Great Role Model for Sports and Youth”

Neustadt / WN / Regensburg. Eleven German sports badge winners and club competition winners from the BLSV region were recently awarded in Weiden-Neustadt/WN.

BLSV District Chief Ernst Werner (back left), District Officer Maria Zwickenpflug (second back from left) and District Officer Dietmar Wildenauer (back, third from right) painted the successful athletes and club representatives. Photo: lst

“You are a great role model – for sport, for youth and for many other fields!” Ernst Werner, head of the Weiden-Neustadt/WN region of the Bavarian State Sports Confederation (BLSV), successful athletes at the DJK Neustadt/WN sports home. He was there in the presence of referee sports badges Dietmar Wildenauer (circle) and Maria Zwickenpflug (District Oberpfalz) has honored eleven athletes who have passed the German sports badge 25 or more times in the past year. In addition, the winners of the 2021 Club Competition were honoured.

Officials resigned

“All citizens should take this fitness test,” Wildenauer wished in his salutation, and added, “It is not too late to start.” Following organizational advice, he took over the honors for 2021 with Werner and Zwickenpflug. Sports badge information conference for change and farewell. Because Wildenauer, Zwickenpflug and Werner have all announced that they will all be resigning from the BLSV offices in the next term of office.

The BLSV District President said the sports badge is an “excellent tool for verifying your sporting achievements”. Especially in times when more and more mobility deficits can be seen, especially among children and youth due to restrictions on activities in clubs, the ‘Golden Medal for Team Sports’ is becoming increasingly important.

deficit in schools

For example, Werner cited a drop in schools last year, with only a third of students meeting performance requirements. “Unfortunately, there is a very large deficit, especially in swimming,” said the district chief.

Combined with the request for everyone to continue their campaign for the sports badge, Werner promised: “This year we will continue to do everything we can to bring the sports badge forward. The school sports working group will be more involved, especially in schools.”

BLSV neighborhood is very committed

However, the clubs in the BLSV district of Weiden-Neustadt/WN were very committed. This was featured in a short report by District Officer Zwickenpflug. Compared to 2020, about 190 other sports badges were issued there (2020: 451/2021: 640). In the Upper Palatinate, the region ranks third in the premium, with an increase of 781 sports badges in the region within a year.

Eric Comer for the 50th time

This was followed by honoring successful athletes who had mastered the German sport’s gold badge 25 or more times. Honored 25 times Klaus Schlosser (T.B. Weiden), Gertrude Steak (BVS Weiden), Hans Stock (BVS Weiden), Joseph Eber (Vohenstrauss TV) and Ricarda Näger-Schöberl (TSV Flossenburg); for 30 times Anita Power (TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer), Marga Eber (Vohenstrauss TV) and Gertrude Greiner (T.B. Weeden) 35 times Dietmar Wildenauer (DJK Neustadt/WN) and Reinhard undoubtedly (DJK Neustadt/WN). Even put 50 times Eric Comer (TB Weiden) from the sports badge.

Vohenstrauss front TV

In terms of clubs, Vohenstrauß TV (103 sports badges) came out on top. It was followed by TB Weiden (94), DJK Neustadt/WN (77), DJK Windischeschenbach (44), DJK Pressath (41), TSV Flossenbürg (37), DJK Weiden (35), SV Altenstadt/WN (34), TSG Mantel- Weiherhammer (33), TSV Püchersreuth (15) and VfB Rothenstadt (13).

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