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Architectural tower, building like a bridge: Students have many strong ideas for the “Building Culture Forum”, as a competition from the Stuttgart AIV – Society of Architects and Engineers show.

The AIV – Stuttgart Association of Architects and Engineers is convinced that the creation of a center for culture in Stuttgart is overdue. Reason enough for the esteemed Society, founded in 1842, to promote such a “Cultural Building Forum” through a competition for student ideas.

So much potential for Stuttgart

The AIV has held such competitions on a regular basis since 1995 – this time students from five universities in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Biberach were asked to develop a “culture-building address” in the state capital – and in a “meticulous location”, judge and club president Arne Rüdenauer said at an award ceremony Awards: The club has proposed the upper castle gardens as a property, ie in the immediate vicinity of Königstraße 1-3, which is currently the subject of controversial debate for such a “building culture centre”. The results now presented at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HfT) should give an exciting boost to this particular debate. The first three and four awards awarded to 24 participants impressively demonstrate the potential architectural, urban and cultural planning that the Center for Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering can hold.

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First prize winner Nils Frank of HfT Stuttgart connected the upper and middle palace gardens across Schillerstraße with a very slender long bridge structure that was as original as it was elegant. The master’s student said he was inclined to develop a design for this already uncreated space. According to the jury, his proposal for the continuity of transparent space is attractive from the outside, makes the city and its green lungs tangible from the inside and also “desire to build culture”. Jill Wolper boldly advanced, at least. Student HfT placed the building in the historic axis of the new castle as a 100-meter “architectural tower” in the upper castle garden. This vertical solution reduces the building’s footprint, but at the same time applies it as “a confident and widely visible urban building block in the Stuttgart Basin”, according to the design concept. The jury, headed by the architect Arnaud Lederer, also awarded the first prize for the work, which was also convincing in terms of construction.

Perfect urban location

Should the Building Culture Forum represent the Building Culture? They found this question, to which they answered in the affirmative, particularly intriguing, say Canso Cuban and Verena Wilhelm of the University of Stuttgart. They placed their structure in the immediate vicinity of the future main entrance to the subway station, a situation that, according to the jury, “works perfectly,” as it also conflicts with the separation of the two parking areas. Master students implanted a round disc into a cube solitaire surrounded by usable space. In the eyes of the jury, “a very cohesive and self-confident structure” was awarded the first prize. Honoring projects include a disc as well as a spiral building in the style of the Guggenheim Museum in New York – there is no shortage of creative ideas for “building a culture forum,” as the student competition proves.

show The award-winning works are on display at HfT Stuttgart, Schellingstraße 24, Building 1, until the beginning of April.

The winning designs at the University of Applied Sciences

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AIV documents all competitions on its website Award-winning works from the current award process are on display at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Schellingstrasse 24, Building 1, 1st floor, until the beginning of April.

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