“Angelite”: a successful women’s choir from Bulgaria at Kulturwerk Wissens

Press release on April 23, 2022

In the 35th year of its existence under the new direction of Katya Barulova, the 20-woman choir will perform traditional and partly folk songs in movements from medieval to modern times at the end of a small summer themed cultural tour.

The Bulgarian women’s choir “Angelet” will perform at Kulturwerk Wisnes in May. (Photo: Organizer)

Knowledge. The fascination with the tradition of women’s voices in Bulgaria, strong, tight and seemingly light singing, leads to an almost mystical world of sound and captivates the listener. Several arrangements have been made for the choir in recent years. At the start of the cultural summer, there’s an impressive southeastern European acoustic event that you shouldn’t miss.

The choir’s global fascination with music dates back to its first hit in 1987. Since then, the choir has given concerts all over the world and released 13 records. With “Heritage” led by new maestro Katya Barulova, the choir now presents a mix of new and previously published pieces.

“The Bulgarian Voices – Angelite” has been the band’s name since 1995. They started working with JARO under the French name in 1987 and have been successful all over the world ever since. The women’s choir presents a musical program in which ancient folklore enriches today’s music and reflects its emotional energy. On concert tours around the world, the singers have delighted countless listeners with their amazing, charming and incredibly accurate vocals – vocals that touch the soul.

Working with musicians of all cultures, they have shown that their musical style performs a mysterious miracle. Two songs stand out stylistically from the color program – they are the work of Bulgarian composer Ivan Spasov. He uses the “acoustic technique” with interwoven polyphonic patterns in his compositions. From the roots of the traditional song “Leilenko, kuzum Pilianze” emerges a creatively sophisticated musical work with erratic free harmonies and a delicate voice. It is one of the last songs of Ivan Spasov, and he wrote it towards the end of his life, especially for the song “The Bulgarian Voices Angelite”. Music reveals the author’s philosophy regarding the universe and immortality.

The concert will take place on Friday 6 May at 8pm at Kulturwerk Wissen, Walzwerkstrae 22 at 57537 Knowledge. Tickets are available in advance from €18 at all ticket offices, at kulturwerk-wissen.de and by phone at 0180 60 50400 (0.20 / VAT inclusive from landlines, max. 0.60 / VAT-inclusive call from mobile networks). At the box office (open from 7 pm), admission costs 20 euros. The organizer is “kulturWERKwissen gGmbH” in cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate Cultural Summer and “Wissener eigenART”. (evening)

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