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Lubeck.It was hotly debated and now decided: the 9 euro ticket is part of the relief package of the Federal Government and is funded by the Federal Government. With the ticket, travelers can use local transport in the summer for nine euros per month. We have summarized the most important questions and answers about the special offer.

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Who can use the ticket?

It applies to all groups of people.

Do children need their own ticket?

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Children up to the age of five travel for free during the promotional period. Older children need their own ticket.

Work from June to August

From when to how long is the 9 euro ticket valid?

The €9 ticket is expected to be available from June 1, 2022. It will then be available for three months, i.e. until August 31, 2022. The €9 price is valid for one month. So if you want to use the full period, you’ll pay €27.

From when and where can I buy the ticket?

The €9 ticket is available anywhere tickets are sold: as a mobile ticket for smartphones, on the bus from the driver, at ticket machines at all train stations and at the sales offices of transport companies. In order to meet the expected high demand, there will be pre-sale.

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How far can I travel by ticket?

The ticket is valid throughout Germany. There are no time limits. In theory, users can do a local Interrail transfer across Germany for three months, go on a group tour or take it on vacation.

Local transportation yes, long distance transportation no

On which trains can I use the ticket and which ones not?

A ticket of €9 is valid for trips on local transport (train and bus) in second class. It is not valid on long-distance trains (ICE, IC, EC, D, Sylt Shuttle plus, Flixtrain) and not on long-distance bus lines such as Kielius or Flixbus.

How long does it take to catch the local train from Lübeck to Berlin, Cologne or Munich? And how often should I change?

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The journey from Lübeck to Berlin takes about four to four and a half hours (one to three changes), to Cologne about seven and a half hours (four changes), to Munich about 13 hours (seven changes). Travel times and transfers may vary by day and time.

How much does a similar ticket cost so far?

Currently, travelers can travel around Germany for a day with a Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket. Individual pays 42 euros for it, in a group of five people (maximum group size for this ticket) each person pays only 14 euros.

Monthly and Quarterly Tickets: Everyone Should Benefit

What if I already have a monthly or yearly ticket?

Subscribers also benefit from the reduced price – the amount of the discount is automatically reduced to nine euros per month, and they do not have to do anything. At the same time, your subscription card will be recognized nationwide for trips on local transport (train and bus) in the second class during the campaign period.

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What applies to pupils and students? Are student cards and semester tickets reimbursed for this?

According to, the price advantage should also be moved here. Nothing is known about concrete implementation. Discussions are currently underway between the Student Public Committees (AStAs) and the transportation companies in the North.

Take people and bikes with you

How much will the transportation regulations for my Season Pass change?

During the campaign period, the regulations for taking the monthly ticket will be expanded and will then apply to the entire Schleswig-Holstein tariff area, regardless of the route covered by the subscription card, ie throughout Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. This extension applies to all general subscription cards of the SH tariff, the Nah.SH business ticket and the Nah.SH subscription during the campaign period. This does not apply to subscriptions for students and trainees.

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Can I also take my bike with me?

The price of taking the bike with you is not included. Depending on the transport association, an additional ticket must be purchased for this. In the area covered by the Schleswig-Holstein tariff, a daily bicycle ticket costs 4.50 euros, for the entire SH network from 5.30 euros. For short distances below fare level 4 by bus or Kieler Fördeschifffahrt, there is a cheaper single ticket for one trip.

It’s crowded

Do travelers have to prepare for trains that are especially crowded in summer?

The Nah.SH Transportation Association expects passenger numbers to increase throughout the day, including weekends. For this reason, transport by bike cannot be guaranteed.

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