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The Wolfsburg footballers made a superb 1:6 compensation in Dortmund last week. On Friday evening, Lower Saxony 5-0 (5-0) defeated Mainz, who was defeated early.

by Johannes Freitag

Coach Florian Kohfeldt’s squad, in which Max Kreuz excelled with three goals, not only showed the required reaction, it should now have nothing to do with the relegation of the Bundesliga. VfL has 37 points to his credit. Since the Berlin, Stuttgart and Bielefeld basement kids still took points in head-to-head duels, the current interval should range from nine points to relegation rank and eleven to first relegation zone. When they play in Stuttgart in a week, the “wolves” can do everything mathematically.

Wind swivel lead, red for Mainzer Tauer

For the embarrassing appearance in Dortmund, almost all the English Premier League professionals who were there in the starting line-up were able to rehabilitate themselves. Only Maxence Lacroix was missing, Jerome Roussillon played for him. Kohfeldt also switched defensively to a four-man defense series. Roussillon on the left and Riddell Baku on the right provided a lot of momentum on the flanks and soon the “Wolves” advanced.

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Lukas Nemica hit the post with a back heel from Baku’s cross, and Jonas Wind scored to make it 1-0 (8). Wolfsburg turned around and then the video assistant also helped: after the penalty whistle – Niklas Tauer undoubtedly dropped Nmecha – referee Harm Osmers showed Mainzer the red card after studying the video images. Tower was the last man. Kruse converted the penalty safely to make it 2-0 (24).

Kruse puts the triple pack together

With the majority, the hosts were now playing an easy game and gave 19,000 fans in the stadium magic football: Baku sent Maximilian Arnold a wide diagonal pass from the right straight into the penalty area, where Cruz completed a 3-0 shot (35.). Shortly thereafter, the ball fell at Wind’s feet after an unsuccessful defense from Mainz, and the Dane scored his second goal – 4: 0 (42).

And that’s not all: Kruse put the hat-trick before the break (45+2) and somehow equaled Wolfsburg’s inability to break a tie in the BVB. In addition, Serie A has not scored five goals in the first half since they were promoted to the Bundesliga 25 years ago.

VfL turns into overclock

Shortly after the start of the second half, Jonathan Burkhardt had the opportunity to score 1:5, but failed due to the brilliant reaction of Queen Castells (52nd place), who also blocked a possible goal against the Mainz striker in the first round.

Wolfsburg continued to dominate everything, but without showing offensive turmoil in the first half. Mainz was now more stable defensively, and the “wolves” were no longer chasing every ball with the last score. So the match went on without any noticeable spectators in the penalty area, and the fans didn’t care: they constantly cheered about the high lead and possibly a successful touchdown.

Apr 31, 22, 2022 at 8:30 pm

Wolfsburg VFL


1.FSV Mainz



  • 2: 0
    Kroos (24, penalty kick)

VFL Wolfsburg:
Castiles – Baku (74 Mbabo), Bornau, Brooks, Roussillon – Arnold-Schlager (64 Nmicha), Gerhardt – El Nmisha (Bialik 64), Wind (74 Philip), Cruz (81 Paredes)

1. FSV Mainz:
Zentner – Tauer, S. Bell, Niakhaté – Widmer, Barreiro Martins, Lucoqui (Martín 46) – Stach (Papela 46), Boetius (Kohr 46) – Burkardt (Onisiwo 72), Ingvartsen (Hack 46)


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