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The “Art of Fugue” by Johann Sebastian Bach is complex, witty, and intricate. Now it can be experienced privately at the Sharon Theater in Wolfsburg.

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by Janek Wiechers

Four musicians and their instruments: violin, viola, cello. Dillian:: quartett plays on a completely dark stage of Sharon Theater in Wolfsburg. Thin fabric stretched in front of the group. Videos are displayed on it. Another screen installed behind the quad. A chain quartet was included in the installation, so to speak.

Andreas Moschau, violinist at delian::quartett: “The Art of Fugue,” Johann Sebastian’s great music, and videos make up one unit: “Each counterpoint has its own personality, has its own mood. What we’ve done with the world of pictures now will make this ancient music Closer to you for sure, because you lose yourself in pictures and wander around in worlds. We try to open hearts to this crazy music and pictures really help.”

Make Bach’s music visible with “insight”.

With “Contrapunkt 1” this musical visual world of the experience unfolds. Rock formations and coral reefs can be seen rising from the water. Air bubbles circulate around them. Elsewhere in the concert there are other impressions of nature: lawns wither, water moves, fire is burning. It’s animations that look more technical: architectural structures, graphic constructions that look like the surface of computer chips, iridescent gradients, and changing mirror worlds.

Moscho describes that, “The concept of video installations is that with each fugue, that is, with each counter node, we take our audience into a space. Using music, you slide into that space, and then the space of the world extends. After the counterpoint, you either move across the room to the next room. Or you slip out and all of a sudden you’re somewhere else.”

Video sequences are based on graphic algorithms

Picture worlds are no accident. Violinist Andreas Moschau says that the idea of ​​the group is not just to combine the amazing music of Bach with great imagery, but also to make the principles inherent in the music visible.

To do this, the musicians first analyzed the music mathematically and then translated the data into images. The above images of rocks and air bubbles in the first interview point are also based strictly on the basic structures of music, according to Moscow: “How these bubbles move, and the direction they take, all have to do with the musical structure. The shape of the rock formations depends on the graphical algorithms of objective changes, i.e. How to trace the chromatic movements of a subject in time through the outlines of these rock formations.”

Immerse yourself in a world of image and sound

Delian::quartet wants audiences to immerse themselves in a world of image and sound that creates a very special experience. A method that makes it perfectly easy to understand how Bach’s music is organized. However, without wanting to teach, as violinist Andreas Moschau asserts: “We certainly don’t want to explain something that the audience will notice over time — without effort or without looking for any meaning or regularity. We want it after a certain time. It automatically has the eye between the musical structure and the images you see.”

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Video presentation with Bach’s “The Art of Fugue” in Wolfsburg

Titled Insight, the delian::quartett combines Bach’s “Art of Fugue” with video shows in Wolfsburg.

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