The Regional Sports Association Hannover (RSB) honors social talent in sport

Volunteering at the age of 11: Reggiesport Bund Hannover honors young social talents in sport

Hanover.The teenagers walked the red carpet towards the stage at the Sports Academy in Machsee. The RSB wanted to use this to express: “You are our stars.” And at this age, 14-21 with perhaps a little stage experience, that reception alone should have been an exciting bonus. Because the Regulatory and Oversight Bureau on Thursday evening honored “social talent in sports” – that is, young people who volunteer for district clubs.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The association nominated 27 young volunteer members last year, after which everyone was able to vote the youth in an online vote – the jury, made up of the previous year’s social talents, also had a say.

27 candidates from the region’s clubs. Obverse: Helk Heiser of Mellendorf Sports Haeuser – sponsored vouchers for winners.

They chose the following social talents: Ronja Kampmann (20) of Rowing Club Lehrte/Sehnde won in the 18-21 age group. She’s been a volunteer at her club since she was 16, coaching youngsters six times a week, supporting as a press clerk and looking after social media, while working at Abitur and is now a double student. Not so much for her, but of course: “When I was a kid, I was in a situation where I needed volunteers to be able to paddle. Now I want to give back.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

There were two winners in the 14-17 age group: Ani Trautmann (15) and Henry Seitz (17). Eni practiced gymnastics as a child with the Großburgwedel Gymnastics Association, at the age of eleven she was already helping as an assistant, and today she is on the other side as a coach: “It’s just as fun.”

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Henri has been a member of TSV Neustadt since he was a child. Even as a child, he wanted to help his father, who was also committed, in running the city and found more and more tasks. At first, he attended the holiday camp as a participant, and then continued to work as an assistant. He has been a coach since he was 15 years old and is the youth manager of the swimming division. “I grew up with volunteering because of my parents, it’s totally normal for me,” he says. “It is very important because many clubs will not function without volunteering.”

This is why the Bureau of Regulation and Oversight has been honoring “social talent in sport” annually since 2016. “To show that their commitment is not self-evident, that we value it very much — and to motivate others,” LSB CEO Marko Lutz, 43, said in his letter. Head of the Sports Department Konstanze Beckdorf (55) also paid tribute to the youth in her speech. The winners received a €200 voucher from Mellendorf sports store Haeuser.

This is why volunteering is so important

Moritz Godsouzian (22) took first place last year and is now a member of the jury. Its appeal: “Looking into children’s happy eyes after training makes you happier than sitting alone at home in front of a Playstation.” Other candidates also expressed their admiration for volunteering: “I have learned to take responsibility and become more self-confident,” one said. Another: “I have noticed that the club can also become a family.” Moreover: “I want to be a helping hand to everyone who needs one.” Every child should have the opportunity to train.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Written by Josena Kells

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