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The study of what’s going on is showing up well on social media. From Fenty Beauty to Nike to Twitter Rant, we’ll break it all down for you.

YouScan recently analyzed over a billion posts focused on branded content. The goal was to find out what kind of posts were getting the most attention. So, if you’re into marketing or just interested in advertising, read on and find out what resonates (okay).

Social Media Marketing: What Content Is Shared?

Nearly 45 percent, most content shared is of a personal nature: however, professional content makes up 5.4 percent and news makes up 3.6 percent. The remaining 27.2 percent cannot be categorized more accurately.

Political issues will be discussed more on social media platforms in 2022 at 2%. “Gaming” and “Health” rank second, at 1 percent each, followed by “food” (0.66 percent), “accidents” (0.65 percent) and “stars and asterisks” (0.60 percent).

In addition to the discussion portion, social commitment was also examined. The study shows that video content now gets more engagement than images, to the delight of platforms that have historically focused on video content. But watch out! On Twitter, the platform previously known only for texts, the new option for sharing image content is going through the roof.

Oral recommendations are especially popular among users

Personal recommendations, including oral ones, work really well on the social side. According to YouScan, 1.5 percent of those surveyed said they had shared personal experiences with a brand on social media. Content on the topics “Fashion” and “Food and Drink” is useful for brands: these are the most popular sectors around the world. In these categories, Zaful and Red Bull currently have the highest interaction on social media. In the cosmetics group, Rihanna’s Fenty “Beauty” brand leads, while Lego takes the gold in the “Entertainment” category.

The most popular image content around the world are ads, images with captions and screenshots. In order to impress with visual content, many brands rely on influencer marketing and brand deals.

Only Twitter has more negative post than positive post

With NSR accounts, individual platforms are checked for positive or negative. Instagram performs best on these accounts at exactly 82 percent. TikTok and Facebook are in the middle with 51.17 and 50.31 percent. Twitter alone is in negative territory with a value of negative 17.62 percent. This makes Twitter the only social network that posts more negative complaints and comments than positive ones.

Speaking of positivity, the top five posts shared on social media revolve around art (22.1%), fashion (9.2%), sports (8.9%), fantasy (8.6%) and friendship (6, 5%).

Brand logos are often shared on social media platforms

Most Frequently Viewed Brand Logos (Descending by Online Presence):

Auto industry

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Hyundai
  • Audi


  • apple
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Asus
  • xiaomi


  • nike
  • Adidas
  • puma
  • the north face
  • new balance

We hope you can use these ideas to improve your social media game. Were you surprised by the survey numbers or expected the results?

Social Media Trends © YouSpan (Click image to see study results on SocialMediaToday)

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