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Lena Beckmann follows in the footsteps of her husband Charlie Hubner by calling the police number 110. On April 24, Das Erste will make her debut as Melly Böwe in the “You Can’t Choose Your Family” situation.

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by Axel Seitz

Twelve years later, Chief Police Inspector Alexander Buko said goodbye to Rostock. What’s next for Chief Inspector Catherine Koenig on the NDR 110 police call from Rostock? The new episode starts on April 24 at 8:15 pm at Das Erste and then airs to appear in ARD media library.

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The police team called 110 with Catherine Koenig (Anneki Kim Sarnau) at

All the information about the first episode of Lina Beckmann as the successor to Charly Hübner in the Rostock police call in Das Ers extern

“You can’t choose your family”: a stab case

Police found a woman stabbed to death in a single-family home, and her son, who was paralyzed and died of a stroke, lying in bed in the next room. Catherine Koenig drives to the crime scene and is simultaneously pressured by her supervisor Henning Röder: “Mrs. Koenig, you and I, we finally have to clarify something. Sasha has been away for two months now and it’s unlikely that I will come back. I can do that.” I can keep the position open for another week. So please do us a favor and switch from LKA and become the boss.”

Visiting from Bochum at the police station, call 110 from Rostock with Lena Beckmann

But before making this official clear, the chief inspector is looking for a young suspect. Catherine Koenig is interested in this not only Max, but also Inspector Millie Boy – Sasha Bucco’s half-sister:

“I just swam here. The half-sister of my ex-partner Sacha Bucco just swam here, outside–”
– from Bochum. Perhaps after Max’s adoptive parents called you. And perhaps during your long journey here you organized all the information about a very horrific crime that claimed two lives. And it is very likely that you have reason to believe that Max is a suspect. But instead of telling me, as my Fellow responsible, what’s going on, you’re not saying anything? Are you too serious?”
“Don’t take it personally.”
Call Police 110: ‘You Can’t Choose Your Family’

Lena Beckmann follows in the footsteps of her husband Huebner

With the episode “You Can’t Choose Your Family”, a new era begins when the 110 police are called from Rostock, because instead of Charly Hübner, Lina Beckmann now acts as Melly Böwe in the Hanseatic city. Constellation Anneke Kim Sarnau convinced from the start: “That was the first suggestion. I thought it was great right away. Because I’m usually a much more passionate person and there’s a risk that I’ll give a correct answer away, I said I’d like to sleep another night please.” But the next morning I thought it was fine.”

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Actress Anneke Kim Sarnau on the NDR Talk Show on October 2, 2015 © Imago / Eventpress

As TV Commissioner König, she made her way into the hearts of the German public. Norddeutsche has received two Grimme Awards. more

And Lena Beckmann – in real life the wife of Charlie Hubner – can well imagine the investigation of Rostock. Of course, she also thought of following in her husband’s footsteps. “Since he was sitting next to me at the kitchen table, I couldn’t help but talk to him about the whole thing, so of course he mixed up a bit,” Beckman says. “But I felt it right away, yeah.”

Inspector Millie Boy is Alexandre Bucco’s half-sister

Even if the first confrontation in the new police call between Millie Boy and Catherine Koenig is not at all harmonious, the two women band together: “We don’t want to appear two women in a fight, but two women of integrity who meet with different styles of work and very quickly discover that the professionalism of the other person Don’t get in their way.”

For director Stefan Krohmer, this was his first call with the police and at the same time he had a special mission to introduce a new main character to the established group: “Of course this was an additional special mission, but it also especially attracted me.”

Convinced him to pick Lena Beckmann anyway. “This makes it easier for the director to enjoy going to work,” says Krohmer. “But at the same time, I must say that Florian Euler’s book did it in a very clever way in my opinion, because in this episode she is not yet employed there in the police department, but is personally connected to the criminal case in a strange way.”

Three more police calls 110 with Beckmann and Sarnau

Of course, it eventually becomes clear how the woman and her son died, whether the Max they were looking for was really the killer and why a commissioner from Bochum suddenly appeared in Rostock. Another NDR police call with Lena Beckman and Anki Kim Sarnau has already been completed and two more episodes will be filmed in the spring. In this regard, the viewer can look forward not only to the case “You cannot choose your family”, but also to three more police calls from Rostock.

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Lena Beckmann and Anke Kim Sarnow in a photo © NDR / Christine Schroeder Photo: Christine Schroeder

Lena Beckmann takes over from Charly Hübner: In the future she will investigate Melly Böwe on a team with Anneke Kim Sarnau in Rostock. more

Millie Boy (Lena Beckman) on the police call 110

It’s a permanent item in the Hamburger Schauspielhaus and can now also be seen on the Rostock 110 police call. It can play just about anything – always from the gut. more

Actress Anneke Kim Sarnau on the NDR Talk Show on October 2, 2015 © Imago / Eventpress

As TV Commissioner König, she made her way into the hearts of the German public. Norddeutsche has received two Grimme Awards. more

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