Pokemon GO changes the way you get rare candy and annoying trainers: “Not interested in PvP”

There will be a change of sources for Rare Candy in Pokémon GO. But the announcement did not meet the approval of some coaches.

Basically, you’ll still get special candy from raids and from the PvP League – and now also from gifts from friends.

However, as announced by the official Niantic account via Twitter, the opportunity to get candy from these sources will be modified.

Trainers, we are tweaking the way you get rare candies in-game. Chances of getting rare candies are slightly reduced in raids and slightly increased in GO Battle League, and now you can also get rare candies in gifts. #Pokemon Go

Niantic Support (Via Twitter)

It is not yet known how severe the changes will be. What is clear, however, is that Pokémon GO raids will likely bring in fewer candies in the future, while matches in the PvP League will bring in more candies.

What is the special candy? Rare candies in Pokémon GO can be used to level up your monsters. It doesn’t matter which monster it is – rare sweets work for all Pokémon. It is especially useful for rare monsters whose specific candy is difficult to obtain.

Change in candy sources causes discussion

Rare item raises the level of your monsters

This is what the community says: The Pokémon GO subsite is already discussing the change. Most comments are critical. Many coaches seem uninterested in playing a PvP league and want Rare Candy to focus on raids:

  • “Another way to punish Niantic” some players who don’t want to play a certain aspect of the game. Why not leave the amount of rare candy as in raids, but increase or improve the rewards in PvP mode to motivate players rather than punish those who don’t want to play in GBL? “Someone who plays a lot of GBL”.
  • “They want to get people to go out by reducing the smoke and so players spend more time at home playing GBL. Logic,” criticizes user “Kennyy_xd” (via reddit). Recently, Niantic made changes aimed at bringing players back abroad – which also led to discussions.
  • “It’s annoying. I’m not interested in PvP because I’m not interested in competitive play,” user LimboSkunk (via reddit) commented: “There is nothing Niantic can do to pique my interest in GBL because the nature of competitive play makes me disinterested. On the other hand, I do a lot of raids just for rare candies. Why am I being punished for this? “

The PvP League has often been the subject of criticism from many coaches anyway, as bugs can affect the fun of the game there. However, there are also separate comments that don’t see the change as bad:

  • Unpopular Opinion: This seems friendlier to F2P players who usually need the rare treat the most. User “Teban54” wrote (via reddit): “We also don’t know if the special candy from the gifts will be enough to compensate for the loss of the special candy from the daily raid aisles, but it could happen and I’m optimistic.”

It remains to be seen how severe the changes will actually be. We hope that it will not have such a negative effect – after all, the advertisement also speaks of “minor” modifications.

How do you see the matter? Tell us in the comments!

By the way: If you are looking for rare things, you can try a trick using the free chest in the store. Some trainers are lucky out there, because their chest turns out to be a much better version in the evening.

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