‘Go f**k yourself’: Ukrainian soldiers from Snake Island apparently in Russian captivity – Politics

According to information from Kyiv, Ukrainian soldiers from Snake Island in the Black Sea are in Russian captivity. “We are very happy to know that our comrades-in-arms are alive and that everything is fine with them,” the Ukrainian fleet said on Facebook on Monday.

The Ukrainians surrendered after running out of ammunition. Russia destroyed the entire infrastructure of the island in front of the Danube Delta.

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Contact was lost to soldiers on the island on Saturday. Kyiv assumed the death of all thirteen Ukrainians. However, the Russian army later displayed photos of the prisoners upon their arrival in Sevastopol in the Crimea.

In his speech after the first day of the Russian offensive, President Zelensky first referred to the dead soldiers and honored them with the highest award in the country: “On our island Zmini, which we defended to the end, all border soldiers died heroically. But they did not surrender. All of them were posthumously awarded the title “Hero Ukraine. May the memory of those who gave their lives for Ukraine live forever.

A statement that goes around the world

On Thursday, Russia launched a war against its neighbor Ukraine. According to Ukrainian sources, more than 350 civilians were killed as a result of the fighting.

Shortly before the bombing, a soldier is said to have told a Russian warship to “go for yourself” when they were told to surrender. His video went viral. The proverb can now be seen on many place-name signs and signs in Ukraine.

But Ukrainian officials said on Saturday it was not clear how many border guards were stationed on the island when the bombing began. In a Facebook post, Ukrainian border guards wrote that they may still be alive: “We strongly believe that all Ukrainian defenders of the island of Zhmini may be alive.”

She also said that Russian media reported that they were taken as prisoners to Sevastopol, a Russian-controlled port city in Crimea. The border guards are now working to find out what happened to the soldiers.

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