Extended BörseGo AG Portals Users Will Benefit From The Blockchain Knowledge On GodmodeTrader And BörseGo AG Portals Mentors/Users Will Benefit From FINEXITY Knowledge About Alternative Investments In The Future

Munich (ots) –

BörseGo AG is expanding its stock of alternative capital investments and, with FINEXITY, brings the European market leader in token investments to its side. Thus, the mid-sized Munich company is once again focusing on the direction of cryptocurrency and blockchain at an early stage. With the rapid rise of Bitcoin and Co. In 2017, leading Munich FinTech immediately expanded its stock exchange and trading portals GodmodeTrader (www.godmode-trader.de) and Guides (go.guidants.com) to include a cryptocurrency trading service, published articles, hosted webinars and more. much. The company registered with its own target group and successfully expanded it. Cryptocurrency trading has also been made possible with brokerage partner justTRADE via Guidants since 2021.

Diversification as a safe investment

“What will happen to our money in the next few years? Where is it invested in a crisis-resistant way? Many savers, investors and even financial professionals ask themselves these questions in times of volatile markets and macroeconomic uncertainties,” says Robert Abend, CEO of BörseGo AG. “That is why our experts recommend more diversified capital investment than ever before. The possibilities of this have increased in recent years. Our active target group is very open to trends and deal with them intensively. Collaboration with Finexity should open the optimum possibilities for this.”

FINEXITY has been offering direct token investment opportunities with no middlemen and middlemen since 2018, specializing in real estate, arts, diamonds, exclusive wines, vintage vehicles or collectible cars. Finexity now manages over €34 million in assets and is responsible for more than 70 issues. With this form of investment, the blockchain technology popular in the crypto market makes it possible to divide assets, property, ownership and rights into several shares, the so-called tokens. These, in turn, can then be purchased individually, so that eventually multiple people can own digital shares and collectibles can also be made available to small investors.

Promise to cooperate with prospects

First of all, BörseGo AG and FINEXITY start an editorial and marketing collaboration, which aims to draw the attention of the target groups of the two to the other portal and provide them with added value. Regular webinars and articles on mentors and GodmodeTrader are planned – with topics such as “Alternative Investments (Illiquid vs Liquid)”, “Digital Assets” and “Specific Asset Classes”.

Accompanying this in the editorial are BörseGo experts Oliver Baron and Sascha Huber, whose focus is in the areas of investment strategies, technology and cryptocurrency, as well as Paul Huelsmann, founder and CEO and Tim Janssen, Head of Blockchain on the part of Precision.

“We have high hopes for this collaboration,” says Paul Huelsman. “Our investors are already showing great interest in the functionality of the Guidants platform, which is why we are already making other plans with BörseGo AG, which will be implemented quickly, provided that collaboration in target groups is actually accepted as widely as is currently assumed.”

appointment note

Beginning of our webinar series “Asset Diversification with Alternative Investments – Blockchain Makes It Possible”:

“Turbo or airbag – what do alternative investments in the portfolio?” With Paul Huelsmann (FINEXITY) and Oliver Baron (BörseGo AG)

Date: 05/05/2022

Time: 18:00 – 19:00

Registration is free at: https://bit.ly/finexity-webinar

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