Culture around Montabor awakens from epidemic sleep

Press release on 04/22/2022

We don’t know if culture is systematically related, but it sure is related to happiness! This was agreed by the participants of the network “MT Kulturtreff” who met for the exchange at the Muntabor City Hall. Artists from Ukraine are also welcome.

The artists and cultural workers united of the “MT-Kulturtreff” network showed their solidarity with artists from Ukraine at a meeting at the city hall in Montabor. (Photo: MT Kulturtreff)

Montabor. But those involved in art and culture also agreed that culture is more than entertainment, leisure and entertainment. This happened just two years after an epidemic, a war of criminal aggression on our doorstep, and in anticipation of the increasingly dangerous consequences of climate change.

Although in this confusing but not hopeless situation it is difficult to follow the usual cultural activities, now everyone wants to plan and carry out important cultural events and events in Westerwald. Because burying your head in the sand and waiting for better times is not a solution for the local cultural workers: they get to work! The cultural scene is slowly awakening from an epidemic sleep and the organizers are looking forward to welcoming many more guests to events small and larger in the coming weeks.

Some local cultural organizers found it especially difficult not to lose hope. Jutta Linden-Quirmbach of the “Culture in the Basement” (KiK) initiative has shown how difficult and important it is to address and win the audience back. Started in 2017 as a cultural chain in historic vaulted rooms newly renovated by the Historica Montabor Society, it later evolved into an independently operating initiative into a permanent and very popular part of cultural life in the area. The goal is to enable regional (and national) artists to have a private platform in a historical setting on Twisted Tuesday. “By founding a non-profit association, we have responded to the diverse challenges arising from the pandemic,” Linden-Quirmbach says. So, after many disappointments, the hoped-for return is imminent. Many events are planned again from May – including concerts from the fields of jazz, pop, hits, tanson and folk as well as plays and readings. On behalf of the Muntabor City Cultural Bureau, Verena Schmidt and Oliver Kramer thanked all KiK activists for continuing their commitment unchecked.

Another important issue is the difficulty of financing future cultural performances without knowing how many tickets can be sold under current conditions. However, everyone agrees that the expected financial problems should not be at the artists’ expense: there should be no deductions from fees and fees, since these are mostly the livelihoods of the self-employed. In addition, it was considered to engage in dialogue with tourism and gastronomy of the region in a workshop on the topic “Culture and Tourism”.

Another topic was the importance of the debate on sustainability in the cultural sector. The “Limits to Growth” report prepared by the Club of Rome exactly 50 years ago has been described as a pioneering report. In the opinion of those present, art and culture should contribute more to reflecting the consumption of resources and energy, or else we are heading for a massive ecological disaster. Appropriate art forms and shapes should be developed and used for this purpose. However, there was also a reflection of self-criticism about whether there were limits to the growth of the cultural sector itself.

There is great solidarity and desire to help the culture of Ukraine throughout the country. There are many actions and initiatives that organize assistance to the cultural scene and cultural institutions in need and provide support to refugees from the cultural sector. The MT-Kulturtreff network also wants to make a contribution and include (to the extent possible) refugee artists from Ukraine in its cultural and educational offerings. Those interested can contact Dr. Irene Lorisika (b-05 – or Dr. Contact Georg Poell (Catholic Adult Education WW –

Ole Schmidt of Mons Tabor Cabaret Theater, who coordinated the network and chaired the meeting, thanked all volunteers and full-time cultural workers in the area for their tireless commitment. This is coupled with the hope that other sponsors will agree to support the difficult path out of the pandemic. You can contact (evening)

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