Changes in 2022: These are the things consumers need to know in May!

04/22/2022 – 13:17

Tax and census announcements and the phone
New Laws and Changes in May: Consumers Should Know This Now

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May 2022 will also bring innovations. Here you are informed of everything important!

Some changes will take effect again next month. Here you can read about the innovations you can expect as a consumer in May 2022.

With the beginning of each month there are some innovations in Germany. May is all about consumer protection. With the new changes in the law, annoying phone sales and Gar sales at the doorstep in particular will be limited. But people who still have to do their tax returns should be especially careful in May. But that was not all. The overview shows you what will change in May 2022.

Filing Tax Return 2020: Deadline Expires

If you file your tax return with the help of a tax advisor, you will always be given more time to process it. But all processing time ends at some point. The 2020 tax return must be submitted to the tax office by May 31, 2022 at the latest. However, if you miss the deadline, you can no longer hope for goodwill from the tax office. Since 2019, a late payment penalty has been due in this case. This is usually 0.25 percent of the assessed tax, but no less than €25.

Documentary obligation to advertise over the phone

As mentioned earlier, May is all about consumer protection. From May 22, several laws will come into effect which are intended to better protect consumers. The new regulations also affect providers who advertise over the phone. In the future, they will have to document that the person on the other end of the line has explicitly agreed to the telemarketing call. This consent must be retained for at least five years. If the company does not comply with this, there is a risk of imposing heavy fines.

Door-to-door sales: No more instant payments

Often the actors at the apartment door are very stubborn. Many citizens have already signed a door-to-door contract after being surprised or even buying a product right on their doorstep. But in the future, sellers at the doorstep will have a much harder time. Because as of May 28, merchants are no longer allowed to withdraw funds on the same day the contract was made. If someone allows himself to be dragged into signing a contract, it will be easier to cancel it in the future.

Transparency commitment for coffee tour operators

Stricter regulations will also apply to coffee tour providers from the end of May. For example, they should already provide information in their advertisements about where the event in question will be held, how participants can contact the organizer and what items are for sale. But when the new law comes into effect, some products may not be sold. As of the end of May, medical products, nutritional supplements, and financial services such as insurance or community building contracts are strictly prohibited.

Information obligations for online marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay are not exempt from the comprehensive consumer protection package. Starting next month, platform operators will have to explain why certain products are shown at the top of the rankings. but that is not all. In addition, whether the product comes from a company or from a private individual must be clearly and understandably made clear. In addition, the correctness of the reviews must be proven.

The census begins May 15th

If you receive a letter from the Census Bureau in May, don’t be surprised. Because from May 15th, the census will be conducted in Germany. On this date, about 10.2 million randomly selected Germans will be asked about their education and employment status, among other things. In fact, it should have been done a long time ago. But due to the Corona pandemic, the calculation deadline has been pushed back by a year.


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