Bayern players in basketball in Barcelona: Barcelona feels the strength of Munich

It was clear that Andrea Trenchery was trying to make some sense out of the moment. Immediately after the victory, he spoke into the Euroleague microphone that he knew exactly what was happening. Sure, they just came up with a second game on their turf, but realistically they couldn’t have done more. He is happy for the players and for the club, yes, but he, coach Trencheri, is “very touched”.

There was also other news from Thursday evening. Right after the last siren, the news of a sensation in the basketball world was announced from Barcelona. And the truth? Maybe somewhere in between.

The truth is that the basketball players from Bayern Munich managed to achieve an unexpected away victory in the Euroleague FC Barcelona by a margin of 90:75. After defeating 67:77 on Tuesday, the Munich team tied 1:1 in the quarter-finals and achieved a better starting position in the best of five series. Three wins are needed to qualify for the fourth final, and the next two matches will be played next Wednesday (8:30 pm) and Friday (8:45 pm) in Munich. Supported by 6,700 spectators, Bayern can continue to surprise everyone who expected something clear for Barcelona in this duel.

Deshaun Thomas and Andreas Obst didn’t score a point in the first game, and now they’re leading Bayern to victory

Bayern have shown admirably that the idea of ​​Munich advancing is not necessarily a myth. Because, as the coach recalls, his team did not have their full strength. The ever-threatening top scorer, Daron Hilliard, underwent surgery for a broken collarbone on Thursday, while Leon Radosevic sprained his ankle and remained on the bench for the remainder of the match after three minutes of play.

Nick Weiler’s door took charge of Bayern at crucial moments, and here he throws against Barcelona’s Rocas Jokobaitis.

(Photo: Urbanandsport / Imago)

Corey Walden has been missing a director for weeks. After Tuesday’s defeat, in which the team presented itself with respect, Trenchery warned that some players had not reached their potential and that something had to change as soon as possible.

Because, in addition to Hilliard, it was Vladimir Lucic, first of all, who led the Munich match. Deshaun Thomas, however, one of those players with Euroleague experience who has just been brought in by Munich for international work, has hardly shown up. National player Andreas Obst, whose primary task is to throw from distance, never made a shot like Thomas. Both are now insightful – and how.

Thomas was the best player on the field, top scorer with 25 points: he then praised the team’s performance to which everyone contributed – and added humbly: “Even me.” Obst was always scoring when his three-sets were sorely needed. The game turned into a show of force by the guests, who set the tone from the start and, after a quick 9:3 lead, fell only once at 11:13. Three of the four quarters went to Bayern Munich (23:18, 25:17, 23:19), just towards the end of the third round the hosts came close at 56:61 – Obst ended their hopes with a converted hat-trick.

The win reinforced the Munich team’s realization that more is possible against the favourites

Lack of effectiveness up front and unnecessary errors in defense – both weaknesses that Trenchery complained about after the opening defeat were corrected by his side. In addition to Thomas and Obst, who collected 15 points, Nick Wheeler-Babe (12), Eugenin Garamas (11) and Augustine Robbet (10) each scored double-digit points. And teammates like Lucic or Othello Hunter, who were still putting in the important touches on Tuesday, were able to focus more on defence.

This was again the basis of all efforts. Active and brutal Bavarian players do not allow the offensive skills of the Catalans to develop. Little was seen of quarterback Brandon Davis and former NBA goalkeeper Dante Aksum, who were instrumental in Barcelona’s victory on Tuesday. Of course, additional talents such as Nikola Mirotic, Nicholas Laprovittola (16 points each) or Nick Calathis (13) could not be completely eliminated, but this was not enough against the Munich tank defense.

Trenchery also mentioned the positive impact of this success. The victory in Madrid in their last major role cemented his side in the realization that even against the best team in the preliminary round, they stand no chance. The evening should also leave something in the minds of favorite opponents. At that moment, the realist Italian did not want to think about anything else.

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