Amazon distributes ten books on World Book Day

Bookworms can take advantage of a special Amazon promotion on World Book Day. This works for several days.

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April 23 is World Book Day. UNESCO declared this day in the mid-1990s to celebrate reading and draw attention to the rights of authors. And this year, once again, there are several campaigns in the industry, which Amazon is joining with its special offer for reading lovers.

In all, the online giant offers its customers ten free Kindle books in English to take readers on a journey around the world. Each book is an example of a region or country. The offer is valid until April 28, 9am.

Amazon is giving away these free books for Book Day

While Amazon lists the books on its German-language website under “Discover World Book Day” simply and without frills, interested Kindle customers can get a slightly better overview of the free books on the English-language site – the offer is the same.

On the English side, the selected works are not simply listed, but are clearly placed in the respective regional context and described in a short text. These are the books:

>> “The Puma Years” Laura Coleman – Bolivia: This story, marked by Travel Memories, is about a young woman who embarks on a “liberation journey” in the Amazon jungle. There she falls in love with a cougar who changes her life.

>> “The Blazing Swarm” by Yamen Al-Mannai – Tunisia: A literary novel that focuses on an “exciting allegory”. It is about a whisper of a bee who is searching for something sinister that has caused disaster to his village.

>> “North to Heaven” by Osman Omar – Ghana: In the Memories category, the film tells the “inspiring true story” of a man making his way to Barcelona from his village in Ghana. His journey is filled with violence and racism, but he also lives on friendship and hope.

>> “Where the Desert Meets the Sea” by Werner Sohn – Israel: Set in Jerusalem in 1947, the story revolves around the story of Judith, a Jewish survivor of the Dachau concentration camp who fled to Palestine and, after a failed suicide attempt, decided to join the Zionist struggle for Jerusalem.

>> “An Eye for an Eye” by Carol Weir – England: Thriller movie about traumatized police officer Kate Young who is addicted to drugs, who must face a series of horrific murders. She’s on the trail of a serial killer who reckons he’s torturing his victims and enjoys games with the police.

>> “The Other Man” by Farhad J. Dadeperor – India: This romantic comedy focuses on Vid Mehra, the handsome heir to a business empire – not gone and heartbroken after a breakup. He yields to family pressure and agrees to an arranged marriage. But then suddenly a man enters his life and turns his world upside down.

>> “The Easy Life in Kamusari” by Shion Miura – Japan: His parents send city boy Yuki Hirano against his will to attend a forestry education program in the remote mountain village of Kamusari in this coming of age story. While he hated the early days without the phone, the Internet, and shopping, he gradually learned to appreciate nature, the amazing beauty of the region, and its traditions.

>> “Mother Dear” by Nova Lee Maier – Netherlands: Helen lives an easy life, raising three teens and a workaholic husband. Helen’s house is broken into and what people want to do to protect their families in this psychological thriller.

>> To the Sky Kingdom, directed by Tang Qi – China: A work of fiction about immortal Bai Qian, true love, burning jealousy, deities, epic battles, magic and evil. Readers are taken on a journey through worlds and times.

>> “The Caiman” by Maria Eugenia Manrique – Venezuela: In this picture book, watchmaker Faoro adopts a baby crocodile that becomes a part of his life and can even attend his wedding.

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Release date: April 22, 2022

/ written by Tina Blonsky

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