Almost Hungry and Almost Dead: The Ruined Life of Boxing Star White

Almost starved, almost killed
The ruined life of boxing star Wyatt

By Tobias Nordmann

Tyson Fury returns to the ring. And according to her own announcement for the last time. His career is set to end with a landslide victory over Dillian White at the Wembley scene. But the stark stranger tells a fascinating story that makes him dangerous.

Dillian White wants to overthrow the King on his last voyage. King Tyson Fury drives to the legendary Wembley Arena on Saturday evening. There will be 94,000 people living in London when one of the best and craziest heavyweight boxers commands the final fight. The 2.06-meter-high giant summoned him again. This time, he insists, it’s serious. It finally came to an end when he defeated Whyte in a British duel for the WBC crown.

This will happen tonight. Experts and bookmakers agree on this. It seems that only two people do not see things as clearly as expected. Whyte himself, and Fury, in a loud voice, the man who likes to hit his opponents verbally as well as with his fists in the ring. Odds are, he said, “It’s clear to people who don’t know anything about boxing. This is a heavyweight boxing match that anyone can win with a single punch. If I wasn’t at my best, this guy would knock my head off my shoulder.” Which would throw off his retirement plans.

In fact, Whyte has a multiple times documented reputation that his left hook is one of the best in the world. Real Knockout Weapon. The 34-year-old is officially 13cm smaller than Fury, but he can bring the maximum power of his shots from his chubby body. During his time as an amateur, he once put his opponent into a coma for several weeks. His combative name is “Bodysnatcher”. Because of his stark life story, White is considered a man who can stand nothing. And now, at the age of 34, he feels his career opportunity. In front of only 94,000 spectators, it is the largest number of spectators in a boxing match in the 21st century – and the largest at the World Heavyweight Championship since 1927.

“Do whatever you have to do”

Fury’s mandatory competitor was born in Jamaica, but grew up near Wembley Stadium, where he is now fighting the battle of his life. In his youth, White got involved in London gang crime. He was shot and stabbed, and at the age of thirteen he gave birth to the first of his three children. White said, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I’m the kind of fighter who will do whatever it takes to do it. I’m not afraid to take a risk – I’ve been completely risking life.”

And he made his way to where he would be now: the biggest stage in boxing. In a duel with his greatest time. His old sparring partner, Fury. It reveals an unusually tender side to an old friend. Hostile verbal attacks? Minor quarrels? Nobody. Fury mainly distributed compliments to the final PK. And it caused a great laugh. “We were good friends, we went out for drinks, we ate together, we slept together,” the 33-year-old world champion said, eventually having to laugh at himself. White replied, “What? We haven’t slept together, brother.”

They’re still flirting together, but on Saturday night everyone is fighting for themselves. Furious for his own legend. White on finally being included in the First Guard of exceptional boxers of his time. Because the last fights against Alexander Povetkin still hung on him. About his reputation as a boxer. In the first duel with the Russian, he was surprised by a powerful devastating blow, “throwing White’s head with disgusting force,” as the English “Guardian” wrote at that time. White was unconscious before hitting the ground.

The toughest battles for the toughest soldiers

Despite winning the rematch, Povetkin didn’t seem to have his full strength. The fight was postponed twice due to the severe infection with Covid 19, so that the 42-year-old Russian had to be hospitalized and had to suffer the consequences of the disease for a long time. Before the second duel, White said of his second defeat as a professional boxer: “If I said he sometimes doesn’t frustrate me, I’d be a liar. But my mother always says that God fights his toughest soldiers. I plow keep going because I don’t know anything else.”

His mother was a soldier as hard as nails. White tells the Guardian a story: “I was born in a storm, on the night of a hurricane in Jamaica, and we survived. Part of our rooftop was taken away, but my mother was a soldier and she simply climbs under a table to do work — at least what they tell me. So the ordeal is a story my life “.

The ordeal is also the story of his relationship with his mother. At the age of two she left her son in Jamaica. She wanted to fight for a better life together. They didn’t see each other until he was 13. “Even though she wasn’t there, I could feel her,” he told the Guardian. He was always fond of his mother. “And when we got back together, I always apologized. I said no, she went to England to give us all a better life. It took longer than you thought, but here I am.”

‘I have felt so much pain in life’

His mother tried to keep in touch. I wrote letters. He couldn’t read it. And there was no one else to help him either. “The people I stayed with didn’t do a good job.” Become a survivor. Once he didn’t eat anything for two or three days. Formative experience. One he would gladly do without him. “I have been through a lot of pain in life, and I have had mental and physical fluctuations. But the pain of hunger is insane. But these things have shaped me and given me a positive outlook on life. No matter how hard life is. Now, I am still better than I was back then.”

There was a father, too. His attitude towards the son: If the boy does not die, he is fine. He solved problems in his own way. violently. Not against Dillian, but against those who didn’t mean him well. There were also many of them in London, where he met his mother again. Father is gone now, so White is gone by himself. Three times he felt that he was close to death. “I’ve been shot and stabbed. You can’t get past the bullets, so you need luck. Most of the time I’ve been a stupid kid running around London making a mess. It’s criminal and you think going to jail is cool. But there’s nothing cool about it. That – you idiot.”

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