What happened if?! Math games in 1. FC Kaiserslautern – Football

After four years in the third degree, FCK has a chance to return to the second degree. There are various star groups when promotion is possible from the point of view of the FCK. Overview.

The simplest calculation method: If 1. FC Kaiserslautern has won the last three matches, the club will definitely be promoted. The question remains: When can the rise be fixed? There are complex scenarios that show what can and must happen in order for the FCK to rise. We show the simplest. The Red Devils are currently second in the table, two points behind Braunschweig. In addition to Braunschweig, Osnabrück is still in the promotion race. Munich, Waldhof and Saarbrücken still had purely theoretical chances of ups and downs in 1860.

Round 35: Landing place can already be confirmed

In the 35th round (Friday, April 22), Kaiserslautern hosts Wayne Wiesbaden. If FCK gets three points there, he will continue his lead over Braunschweig – because Eintracht will be paused for this round. Lower Saxony could have actually played against Turkgoku Munich team. But it is also important how fourth-placed Osnabrück will play against Waldhof Mannheim on Saturday. If FCK wins but Osnabrück does not, Palatinate will advance by at least 10 points in fourth place. With three games left for Osnabrück, it means they will not be able to get past the FCK. This will not take the place of the landing of the Palatinate. The FCK could not be upgraded in Round 35. But after the FCK won a point, Munich and Saarbrücken in 1860 could no longer catch up with Latterer.

Round 36: Upgrade is theoretically possible after the match against Dortmund 2

If all goes well for FCK, a safe promotion will be possible for the first time after the match against Dortmund II (April 30, live on SWR TV from 2pm). The prerequisite for this is two special victories: against Wiesbaden and Dortmund. In addition, Braunschweig must not beat leaders Magdeburg the night before. Then Kaiserslautern leads by at least seven points in round 36 – a maximum of six points Braunschweig can still get in the remaining two matches. Osnabrück could also have been late with the FCK win twice and the promotion would be perfect.

Round 37: Clear everything by four points

The penultimate round of the season is the last for FCK, because the match against Türkgücü Munich, which was originally scheduled a week later, did not take place due to Munich’s withdrawal. The decision will be made on that day, for example, if Kaiserslautern and Braunschweig win all their matches by then and also this weekend. The same applies if they both lose one of their games, for example. Either way – if FCK advances by four points after this round of match, they can no longer lag Braunschweig or Osnabrück, no matter how the two teams played in the last round.

Round 38: getting off the couch

If the lead after an FCK match is less than four points, the competition from Braunschweig or Osnabrück can still overtake it on the final day of the game. Then the big shivering in front of the TV for the FCK team will be announced. In fact, Lotterer would have had the match against Türkgücü Munich that day – but the match didn’t happen. So being high on the sofa is an option – which one would like to avoid in FCK.

Many other constellations are possible

Of course, there are many other ways in which you can play games and what will happen next. Shown here are only the simplest promotion scenarios from the point of view of FCK.

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