Urien Street Fighter Character Guide: Tips & Tricks

Street Fighter offers a growing collection of interesting characters. With all the fighters, it’s not always easy to keep track of them or find your favorites. For this reason, we will introduce Street Fighter to you in detail in our guide.

The fighter we look at today can rock a jumpsuit and loincloth: paving the way for Orion.

As the leader of the “Secret Society” (the Illuminati of the street fighting world), Oren strives for one thing above all: strength. Urien is an excellent area with natural long range motions and versatile ballistics. However, with the right resources, he can easily become a real monster with access to amazing manipulation combos.

Urien’s fighting style is completely fictional and relies heavily on the strength of the animal. Several attacks show him throwing his entire body into an attack. Whether it’s a strong shoulder or a bouncing header. Metal and electricity also have a theme in the Urien movement set. He could cover his skin with an alloy or shoot energy and mineral balls from his fists.

Oren muscular mountain with silver hair

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Before Oren rose to become the leader of the Illuminati, he had to monitor the selection of his brother Gil from among potential candidates to fill the role. Something that would later lead to the betrayal of his flesh and blood.

Urien’s design emphasizes his animal fighting style. Although he likes to appear in a suit, he theatrically gives it up before a fight to only wear an apron. This is installed as an Easter egg in Street Fighter V. Before starting a match, press and hold all three buttons to make Urien burn his suit in a column of flames.

My anger will only subside when I prove that I am the true Emperor.

49 minutes

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Oren first appeared in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. Here was not only part of the story, it was also playable. He was also on the roster of characters in the third installment of Street Fighter III, Third Strike. In this version, he was also one of the best characters.

Then Street Fighter IV sat on the Illuminati. He’s back in Street Fighter V as part of his first Season Pass.

Urien’s long, fast standards make it ideal as a mid-ranger. A fireball, Metalic Sphere, helps him keep his opponent away if his kick buttons aren’t enough. Additionally, Urien has a couple of gap closures to bridge the gap between his opponent and him. The Chariot Tackle is a fast movement that is also often used in combos. The Violence Knee Drop is an over the counter exercise that is rarely used, but can certainly be used to surprise an opponent.

However, Urien shows his true strength once he reaches the Aegis Reflector. In Street Fighter III this is a Super action, in Street Fighter V it is a V-Trigger. The Aegis Reflector is a man-sized hitting box intended at first glance as a defensive measure. Players can’t walk through this wall, fireballs bounce off it, and it’s high enough that even jumping is often ineffective.

In Street Fighter V, Urien starts his strongest combos with the Aegis Reflector. It often serves as a key part of his comeback.

In Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Aegis Reflector is a more important part of his game plan. Only because Oren is available a lot during the match. Although it’s often a way to start a combo, it’s also an effective tool for starting mixes and steady plays. Aegis Reflector acts as a meatball to directly hit the opponent with another attack after the knockout. There are also unlockable items with this setting in the third strike.


Distinctive movements

Trolley insertion is an important part of Oren’s toolkit. It is not only allowed to bridge the gap between him and the opponent. In particular, the EX Chariot Tackle in previous versions of Street Fighter V was a brazen attack that could not even be punished. Because of its manipulative capabilities, Chariot Tackle is also a great combo tool. Especially on the third hit.

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Highlights of Las Vegas

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God Oren. When you think of Third Strike Urien, you can’t get past the RX. Its gameplay is legendary. Groups, settings, implementation. It is the complete package. A veteran of the fighting game scene, whose career unfortunately could not continue in the later parts of the series.

Naoki “Nemo” Nemoto is also a master when it comes to dealing with Urien. However, his expertise lies in the current variant of the character. The Japanese are currently still in the top positions in online tournaments. In 2019, he also managed to win the CPT qualifier against Gachikun. The match that we are also on Red Bull Committy 2017 He was allowed to see him in Paris.

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