The Importance of Music in Street Dance: Professional Tips

Something all dancers can agree on is the importance of music in the sport of dance. Basically, you use your skills to express the layers, sounds, melodies, singing, percussion, and musical instruments with your body. Whether it’s dancing to hip-hop beats, disco tracks, or western funk, embodying music is one of the central goals of any style.

But how do the best professional dancers deal with music? And what role do you play in expressing your individual style? We explain.

Poppin’C is known for focusing on the little details.

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It may sound simple, but Popper is world famous Poppin C He offers practical advice for first finding a style you really like: “The first thing to do is enjoy music that matches the style.” In his opinion, it has good reason: “When you find a style and music behind it that you are naturally passionate about, when you dance you look at your talent and draw attention to yourself.”

The best example of this is the B-Boy Zoopreme. He is a world champion known for performing at a high level when it comes to music. His love for music developed at a young age: “I rehearsed a lot on pieces from the ’90s, growing up with them—whether they were Smith & Western, Mob Deep Woo Tang, all that was hip-hop at the time,” he explains. Then, as a teenager, he discovered instruments such as “a mixture of bass, saxophone, drums, piano, guitar solo, and the like.”

So if you find a style with the music you love, the development of your music will automatically and naturally follow the training process.


The power of music in battle

2008 Red Bull BC One World Champion explains: “A simple movement made in tandem with the music has the full impact and attracts audiences across the board.” wing. It is always exciting to see how the dancer interprets the song on his tour. If this dancer can perform his movements with music, then his performance is amazing. Even a person watching a fight for the first time can see and hear the dancer’s music being performed physically.
In the same competition, the three-time Red Bull BC One World Champion says, Menu, “Music determines speed and flow. Of course you always have an idea of ​​what you want to display, but music ultimately decides how to implement your vision.” Well, music not only captures the crowd, but also determines how you handle your performance.
B-Boy Wing poses for a photo in front of Red Bull BC One Camp in Seoul, South Korea.

B-Boy Wing makes difficult movements seem easy and embodies the music.

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Listen to let go and set free

Giving up and giving in completely for a moment and listening and letting the music take the lead is something that many dancers struggle with in the beginning.

gospel2021 Red Bull Dance Your Style USA Champion, has learned to embrace her music and firmly believes that the best dance artists are great listeners: “Because they know how to manipulate the information presented to them, and how to make art out of it, so overthinking it while asking you to listen is not Really recommended.”

Angel dances to a state where she can really listen and improvise — and when she’s in that area it feels like it’s a “blackout.” At this moment she even managed to surprise herself with her movements. “Sometimes I watch a video of my performance and can’t believe it’s me.”

also b girl Box He is someone who uses music to reach the right mental state. When the two-time Red Bull BC One World Champion won her first title in 2019, she listened to one song 10 times before the final fight to “really feel good and come on stage with that feeling.”

This shows that music is not just a necessary skill, but practice can also find that place in your mind for a comfortable and ready performance – led by the rhythm alone.

Angel performing at Red Bull Dance Your Style in Washington, DC, USA.

Angyil lets the music take the lead.

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train your music

Here’s how Poppin’C teaches his students music: “I tell them not to press, just listen. Take your time, even if it’s only 15 seconds. Listen to the song” until you feel it. Then, from that point on, you can follow the music, let it move your body and find the groove.”

He also encourages his students to explore and experiment with different styles of music because “your mind and your body feel their own way.” Amir from Kazakhstan, the 2021 Red Bull BC One world champion, is doing the same. In his performances in Poland last year, he showed in all of his fights that his music is of a uniquely high level. He says if you ask him how it evolved Best regards: “I train by constantly switching to music and I use other styles as well, not just rhythms. I dance to increase rap, snare, opera, and more.”


Love of music is essential for dancers

DJ Fleg is one of the best break DJs in the world and he encourages dancers to take a ‘music-centric’ approach – finding music and also using DJs who are not necessarily part of the scene. He makes his point: “One thing I’ve noticed over and over after more than 20 years in the dance scene is that you have to love the music, or else your dance isn’t going to be convincing enough.”

Poppin’C adds: “First of all comes the music, it’s everything to me. The way my body adapts to its movements is determined exactly by the way I feel about the music.”

Mino also concludes, “Music is vital to a Bee-Boy, it is his livelihood, his energy and also in a certain way his heartbeat and pulse.”

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