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The comics were discussed in episodes of the series, and prizes were awarded. And when they are published by well-known literary publishers, they are called “graphic novels”. The Hamburg House of Literature is celebrating the tenth day of the graphic novel.

by Heide Soltau

The theme of the festival on Monday was “Comics with Class”. A thick booklet containing illustrated stories was presented by 32 Hamburg students from 14 different countries. They attend vocational schools, where they learn German and prepare for a school leaving certificate. Most of the young people in the hall sat excited and curious, because at the end of the event they will all receive a book with their own cartoons, which they created as part of the “Comixx mit Klasse” project, under the guidance of comics Catherine Klingner and Eva Muller.

“Comixx with class” – personal stories in art form

Cultural journalist Andreas Platthaus of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, curator of the Graphic Novel Days exhibition, was enthusiastic about the results of the project’s work. “The fact that I got the chance to read this wonderful book, 230 pages, 30 stories and a page with a short description for each of you, I think is the greatest thing art can ever achieve,” Pete. “You’re passing on something you love, maybe something you’re afraid of, to other people who have never had the opportunity to have the exact same experience.”

Literaturhaus Hamburg shows the power of comics as a narrative form

Mujaddad from Afghanistan painted a crying boy and wrote: I have no one. Who takes care of me? In her video message, Fatima tells the story of a girl who is about to start an apprenticeship. One photo shows her seated, behind her a man with a beard says, “Daughter, I want you to be a hairdresser.”

Under the protection of comics, some things that lack the means can be expressed otherwise, Andreas Plathaus explains to young people: “For me, this shows the great power that comics still offer as a narrative form, which is different from things that use only pictures or Texts only work with texts.”

Stephen Appleby presents the drawings for the novel Dragman

Stephen Appleby invented the superhero dragman.

Stephen Appleby of London and Lukas Kommer of Vienna were guests of the evening. Appleby recently published the graphic novel “Dragman” (Ferband Schultzet). The funny, fantasy and biographical story of a cross-dressed superhero, set in London. In 2002 Dragmann debuted on a small scale. This coincided with the author’s exit as a man in a state of withdrawal. So yesterday he sat on the podium, with an elegant appearance, with the head of a dark boy, in a tight black dress. “Everything that happens to Dragman in his personal history, in his private life, comes either from Stephen or from his acquaintances and friends,” he says.

A graphic novel by Thomas Bernard

Lucas Kommer took on his compatriot, the great Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, and turned his autobiographical narrative into a graphic novel. Three out of the five volumes have already been published, with sad black and white photos matching Bernard’s frustrating childhood and youth. On the other hand, he decorated the fairy tale “Prinz Gigahertz” (Zwerchfell Verlag) with cheerful colors. “Of course it is unfavorable for a painter to keep changing styles,” says Lukas Kummer. “Because you really live from being recognized at some point. But I just enjoy trying new things over and over again. I hope at some point you’ll settle into something recognizable.”

Talks about the prowess of comics

In the coming days, audiences will have many opportunities to discover the diversity of comics and graphic novels. Among other things, it is also about picture books and children’s books that are real comics, on the topic of disease and about politics and emancipation. inside the Literaturhaus Hamburg invited two painters such as Chen Jianghong and Ole Könnecke, whom Andreas Platthaus brought into conversation with one another. After yesterday’s versatile start, you can be happy.

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Opening Up Under the Protection of Comics: The Tenth Days of the Graphic Novel in Hamburg

The days of the tenth graphic novel began at the Hamburger Literaturhaus. They once again show the diversity of this species.

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