Pokémon GO: eggs hatching in April 2022

In Pokémon GO there are different types of eggs that you can hatch. But which Pokemon is in it and how do you get it? We’ve looked at MeinMMO and will explain it to you.

What are these eggs? In Pokémon GO, you can not only catch Pokémon, but also collect and hatch different eggs. These differ not only in hatching distance and color, but also in their contents.

Depending on the egg, you can encounter a variety of Pokémon, some of which are quite rare. eggs:

How do you get eggs? To be able to secure an egg, you only need enough space in your egg storage. This has a maximum of 12 slots, with the last three slots reserved for 12 km Eggs and Adventure Sync Eggs.

You can then get the eggs in a variety of ways, such as by rotating the photo disk in PokéStops or Arenas. Below we have summarized all the content and egg sites with the help of overviews of Pokémon GO and The Silph Road.

We’ve starred Pokémon, which, with a bit of luck, you can also get in their shiny form.

Who is the Self way?

Silph Road is a global community of trainers, data validators, and Pokémon GO fans. Together they try to better understand the game and analyze certain processes.

Volunteers also list the monsters they got from the different eggs, which can be used to infer how common they are in each case. They make their data publicly available to other coaches.

All monsters from 2 kilo eggs

  • 2 km of eggs can be obtained by rotating the photo disc at PokéStops and Gyms. You can recognize them by the green spots on their skin. According to statistics from The Silph Road, these are the most common eggs compared to 5k and 10k eggs. The following Pokemon are currently waiting for you:
  • Polywag *
  • Meditation*
  • Waller *
  • ulceration*
  • Igamaru
  • Phoenix
  • froxy
  • delicate
  • Bebek

Senior *

Additionally, Niantic announced an additional Pokémon at 2km Eggs during the Alola season:

All monsters from 5 kg eggs

  • You can also get 5 km of eggs by clicking Photo Disc at PokéStops and Gyms. However, they are a little rare compared to the 2 km long white. You can recognize 5 km long eggs by their orange pattern. You can look forward to the following Pokemon from these eggs:
  • bully*
  • cloak
  • flamio
  • Judge*
  • Bose
  • cell phone*
  • Robball
  • Azuril *

Shilon *

All monsters from 7 kg eggs

Unlike eggs with a hatching distance of 2, 5 and 10 km, eggs with a length of 7 km are obtained not by rotating photo discs, but by opening gifts. Here, too, you must, of course, have corresponding free spaces in your egg pantry.

So all you have to do is go to your friends list and open a friend gift. Unlike other eggs, the 7-kilometer eggs have a yellow shell and pink spots. So it is easy to find out.

  • The following Pokemon are in 7 km eggs:
  • Alola small stone*
  • Meow Gallarian *
  • Gallarian Porenta *
  • Alolan slime*
  • Galarian Flunchlike *
  • Alola Anvil *
  • Galarian Bonita *
  • Alula Dejda*
  • Alola Mayuth *
  • Alola Vulpix *
  • Galarian Zigzaxes *
  • Gallar Flegmon

Galarian Flashion *

The content of the 7 km egg will be changed objectively for some events. This means that a certain event Pokémon will hatch from the eggs you receive during these periods. We will inform you of this changed content via our event announcements here on MeinMMO. So it’s worth checking back regularly.

All monsters from 10 kg eggs

  • Just like 2 and 5 km eggs, you can get 10 km eggs back by spinning PokéStops and Gyms. These eggs can be identified by their purple spots. Not only do they have one of the longest hatching distances, they also have one or two special Pokemon ready for you, which you rarely find in the game:
  • Mamolida *
  • flamingo*
  • Wuffels *
  • pseu *
  • Lin Fu
  • Geronimates *
  • ear but *
  • eF-eM
  • riolo *
  • spleen
  • Mineras


The 10km Eggs are currently your only chance to get Riolu, along with Eggs from Adventure Sync rewards. This monster is a previous evolution of Lucario, who is one of the best battle strikers in Pokémon GO.

But the dragons Milza and Miniras are also very popular Pokemon, and it is very rare to find them in the game. They only occasionally hatch from eggs 10 km in length. You can find out where you can also find these two monsters in our following articles:

All monsters from 12 kg eggs

Another special feature is the 12 km long red pattern eggs in Pokémon GO. You can only get it as a reward from battles against Team GO Rocket bosses Sierra, Arlo, Cliff and their leader Giovanni.

  • Accordingly, some monsters in eggs are also rare. Some of these Pokemon, such as Gladiantri, Ganovil or Molunk, can only be obtained by hatching eggs. You can find there the following monsters:
  • Larvae*
  • absolute*
  • Pune Kura *
  • crook
  • rokex . leather
  • Gladiantry
  • Scalek *
  • capono *
  • bam bam
  • jit


Eggs from Adventure Sync Rewards

Those who walk the most within a week will be rewarded with extra Pokémon GO eggs. These are 5 km of eggs and 10 km of eggs, which you will get when you travel 25 km and 50 km respectively.

Few different Pokémon can be found in these eggs than regular eggs. So you have a chance to meet monsters like Dratini, Kindwurm, Schilterus or Dedenne there. You can read about 12 Pokémon that are currently in Adventure Sync bonus eggs in our related article.

How do you like the monsters you find in each egg? Which do you like to look for more than others? And what monsters do you wish were in eggs in the future? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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