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Potsdam – There are people preparing to retire at 65. Potsdam painter Olaf Teide turned 65 yesterday and is thinking the exact opposite. He wants to start a new creative stage – or finally realize it. “I would like to try older work,” says the painter, who is known primarily for atmospheric landscapes and architectural paintings.

The attempt is a little modest, because Thiede has already made: in the exhibition “Kaleidoscope”, which he presents to himself on his birthday, he shows a completely different side – wonderful pictures full of fantasy and symbolism, with historical or literary references. Classic palette paired with comic style, with effects like perspective tricks that remind us of the possibilities of modern camera lenses. Snippets of the world in spectacle.

Photo in response to the war in Ukraine

The new exhibition will be shown on Friday evening (8 April) at the Kongresshotel am Templiner See. The highlight of the opening is the auction of the work: a picture in the style of Russian icon painting. Teide only finished oil painting on wood, the traditional material for sacred images of the Orthodox Church, a few days ago. In order not to look modern, but visually relate to this special, timeless tradition, it was given a historical appearance.

The picture was created as a reaction of the painter to the war in Ukraine. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to medical aid in Ukraine. Interested parties can submit bids for a period of two weeks. The photo can be seen on the auction house’s website. Measuring 50 x 70 cm, you can see the “Kyiv Angel”, a girl with a traditional hairstyle and clothes, hovering like an angel over the silhouette of the Kyiv church domes. The dominant colors are yellow and blue, as well as a sky full of golden stars—for the divine or for Europe, according to Thede.

Features Russian painting

Mystery is always intentional with him. The red necklace can also be interpreted as a chain or a drop of blood. The angel raises his mighty hand over the city – protection for people? Or is the angel himself in danger? Thiede leaves that to the viewer. In any case, the dark clouds behind the Angel Woman did not bode well.

Thiede has never been in Russia or Ukraine. But as an artist, of course, Russian painting influenced him as well – from Art Nouveau to some very good representatives of socialist painting, but above all realism and impressionism. “Russian painters from about 1850 to 1900 are simply good, this is European art.” So he quotes in the current exhibition the famous marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky with his picture “Hope – Wave”: a turbulent sea from which it seems that something good is emerging.

Potsdam-based graphic artist and illustrator Olaf Thede turned 65 on April 7 and is now presenting himself with a new exhibition.Photo: Manfred Thomas

References to history, technology, progress and legend

However, the new work of the Potsdam painter is not entirely new. He has always loved painting in a classic and realistic style, but he had never seen a market for it before, and abstract art is in high demand in Germany. Only recently has the new style, in which realism and fantasy often merge in a cosmic way, has spread from other European countries and from the animation scene. Now he has the need and the pleasure to build on his previous passion. Some of the photos are from the 70s, others I got from the archive and are only now finished, and some are brand new.

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The variety of subjects is huge, it shows local references to architecture and history, technology and progress, nature, myth and legend. In the book being published for the exhibition, there is also a chapter with pictures drawn by Thiede for the poems of Fontane and Morgenstern. It’s a lush kaleidoscope indeed – every picture, every chapter, the entire book.

a grown painter

What you can only experience in the gallery: That Thiede has grown. While he preferred easy-to-use formats, now there are also large formats, images the size of a meter by two meters. “I would never have dared to do that before.” On Saturday, April 9, Olaf Teide will be on site at the Conference Hotel and will be happy to guide guests through the exhibition. The hotel will display the photos at least until late summer: in the conference area and in the balloon lounge. It is open to visitors daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

Vernissage on Friday 8 April at 6 pm You can participate in the Ukraine benefits auction via the following link:

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