Oberhausen: This is where Ukrainian refugees get their information

Ukrainians who fled the war in their homeland and reached Oberhausen will find important information here.

Where do Ukrainians who had to flee the war receive in their homeland Oberhausen help? What documents do you need? For example, how do you get a health insurance card? Or can it work? have Important questions for refugees It was collected and answered with the help of the city, among others:

Where or by what authority should refugees report when they arrive in our city? What is the first point of contact? Where is first aid available?

The first point of contact for newly arrived refugees is the administration building of the gymnasium Knappenstraße 125 in the Knappenviertel in Oberhausen. It operates daily from 9 am to 6 pm. This is where the first registration and health check (including corona test) takes place. If necessary, the contact point distributes refugees to shelters. At the point of contact, refugees are informed of many official issues – from a single source. Immigration authorities offer advice and experts provide information about health care, financial aid, social and educational offers and accommodation options.

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What residency/visa/asylum documents do refugees need? Where and how do you obtain these documents?

Here you can find detailed questions and answers about entering the country from Ukraine and staying in Germany in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

How do refugees get housing? What authority do you have to report?

Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Oberhausen can contact the Social Department by email at ukraine.hilfe@oberhausen.de or by phone at 0208 825-4139. The first point of contact for Ukrainian refugees (see the answer to the first question) is also concerned with the accommodation of those affected. Section 3-2/Social Affairs, Sozialrathaus, Essener Straße 53, 46047 Oberhausen is responsible.

How do refugees get money? What authority do you have to call?

Questions about financial support are clarified individually with the refugees at the Essener Straße 53 Social City Hall.

How do refugees obtain a health insurance card? What documents are needed for this?

Questions on the topic of medical assistance are also indicated at the Essener Straße 53 Social City Hall. If necessary, a certificate of treatment for a doctor’s visit there will be issued.

Do refugees get a public transportation ticket? If so, where do you get it from? What documents do you need for this?

Ukrainians who fled their country due to war can use all local public transport buses and trains for free. This applies to all local trains (S-Bahn, regional train, regional express, etc.) as well as to all underground, trams, city trains and buses. Valid Ukrainian identity documents are short-term driving permits.

Where do I go as a refugee if I am looking for work?

After registration, cities usually issue a residence permit in writing. The Immigration Office at the Technical Town Hall is responsible for Bahnhofstraße 66. The residence permit can be linked directly to the work permit.

The refugees can then register at the Employment Agency Oberhausen. The agency provides advice on the labor market and training and supports those looking for a job or training position. Refugees can register online with the Employment Agency with the support of volunteers and interpreters (on the website of the Employment Agency). On this page you can already officially register as a job seeker – and make an appointment.

Refugees can also contact the Employment Agency Oberhausen at 200-8506-0208. Since there is usually no employee on the phone who can speak Ukrainian or Russian, a special nationwide hotline has been set up for Ukrainian citizens, where native speakers can provide information: 0911-178-7915. Oberhausen companies with questions about refugee employment can reach the Employer Service on 0800 4555520.

I am a Ukrainian teacher or educator: where can I register if I want to work in Germany?

Like everyone else looking for work in Germany, a Ukrainian teacher should contact their local employment agency, here at Employment Agency Oberhausen. It is centrally located in Alt-Oberhausen on Mülheimer Straße 36. But before that, you must call 0208 8506200 to make an appointment – or register online as a job seeker and make an appointment directly.

How do I get a daycare or school place for my child?

Bridge Kindergarten is created for children who have not yet reached school age, who are looked after in a similar way to parent-child groups. In addition, playgroups will be created in cooperation with relief organizations. Children of primary school age are distributed to various primary schools close to their place of residence.

Children and young people who attended secondary school in Ukraine go to the so-called welcome classes until the beginning of the Easter holidays, where they are taken care of by social workers, some teachers and other specialized personnel. These welcome classes use rooms in youth centres.

Some Ukrainian students still attend online classes at their former school in Ukraine. After the Easter holiday, international classes will begin at comprehensive and middle secondary schools, grammar schools and vocational colleges.

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Where is psychological assistance available for refugees?

There is a large network of assistance for the care of traumatized refugees. This is coordinated by the Municipal Integration Center (KI) of Oberhausen and is therefore the first point of contact: Renate-Weckwerth-Haus, Mülheimer Straße 200, 46045 Oberhausen, phone: 0208 305760-10, fax: 0208 305760-25, e-mail: Municipality -integrationszentrum@oberhausen.de Another contact outside Oberhausen is the Psychosocial Competence Center for Addiction in Essen.

Where can women and girls who have experienced violence get help?

There are help phones and women’s advice centres: Helmholtzstr. 48, 46045 Oberhausen, Tel: 0208 20 97 07, Fax: 0208 20 37 28, Website, Email: info@fbst-ob.de. Corresponding informational materials, also in Ukrainian, are provided by KI staff at the sites and contact points. The employees of this target group are trained and educated accordingly.

Where can refugees enroll in a German language course?

Unfortunately, the free ‘German first aid courses’ at the Adult Education Center (VHS) are already full, so no more refugees can be accepted into these courses at the moment. However, since the BAMF has decided to open integration courses for refugees from Ukraine, they can initially register with any provider of integration courses in Oberhausen. However, they must have already been registered by the immigration authorities and obtained a so-called fictitious certificate in order to be able to apply for admission to the integration course. For the application, integration course applicants need the passport and the paper titled “Fantasy Certificate”. Approval by the BAMF usually takes two to three weeks and you are always automatically free of costs, even without notifications of benefits.

The integration course providers that you are welcome to contact can be found in the following list:

  • Training company SfS mbH, Mediation – Qualification – Language Training, Havensteinstr. 44, 46045 Oberhausen, 0208 202754 (Russian speaking), 0208 807160.
  • RUHRWERKSTATT Cultural work in Revier eV, Grevenstr. 36, 46045 Oberhausen, 0208 8575648.
  • Karnak – Catholic Youth Work Oberhausen gGmbH, 41 Styrumer Str., 46045 Oberhausen, Hasenstr. 15, 46119 Oberhausen, 0208 9942468, 0208 9942445.
  • Simply learn eK, Goethestr. 67, 46047 Oberhausen, 0208 4677727.
  • Millennium Bildungsverein eV, Ramgestr. 6, 46145 Oberhausen, 0208 6351988.
  • Adult Education Center Oberhausen, Langemarkstr. 19-21, 46045 Oberhausen, 0208 8252553, 0208 8252895.

How do I find a doctor when I am sick? How do I find a doctor for my children? Where is the emergency exercise?

In life-threatening emergencies (eg, shortness of breath, chest pain), the emergency services should be notified at any time via the fire control center by calling 112. For all non-life-threatening emergencies, a list exists at the City of Oberhausen Social Department for all home practices Dentistry is available to take care of refugees. There, the nearest available doctor can be named with the appropriate language skills. The health department is currently in talks with pediatric practices, and once there are any innovations here, they will be added to the list. Otherwise, an EKO affiliated pediatric clinic is available.

Where can refugees get free clothes or food?

Relevant information can be found in the welcome folder of the Municipal Integration Center (Renate-Weckwerth-Haus, Mülheimer Straße 200, 46045 Oberhausen, Tel: 0208 305760-10 Fax: 0208 305760-25 Email: Municipal Integration Center @ oberhausen.de) On offers Oberhausener Tafel and various clothing stores in the city area.

Where can I get information from Oberhausen?

The city of Oberhausen constantly updates an important information page for Ukrainian refugees with all the details about the many questions refugees ask, especially in the first few days after their arrival – on the topics of entry, accommodation, accommodation, financial support, volunteer work as well as school and childcare: https://www.oberhausen .de/ukraine.

Who helps refugees if they have other questions?

On the websites of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland, you will find useful information about entering Germany from Ukraine and staying in Germany. The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) provides official information on accommodation, basic issues and medical care in Germany via its help portal.

Source: City of Oberhausen, as of March 31, 2022

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