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The award-winning play “The Legacy” by American director Matthew Lopez spans from the days of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. It premiered in Schauspiel Hanover.

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by Agnes Buhrig

What is a gay community, what goals does it pursue, what does it want to achieve, and how do its members defend each other? This is what a five-hour play is all about Hanover Theatre.

Search in CVs and transfer experiences

Four younger men dressed in black stand near each other, looking at romantic photos of a gay couple. On the left, in the semicircle, inscribed with golden steps. In place of the originally furnished interiors, there is a viewing deck that provides space for individual opinions and experiences. “A group of young authors try to tell their story, talk about their lives, and record their biographies and experiences so that they can pass it on […]”To tie it together, with different generations,” says director Ronny Jakobashek. As a result, we find ourselves at first a kind of–as one might say–the writer’s room or the author’s studio, where we research or research together.”

Men looking for a place to belong in society

They are men who seek happiness in life, security in a group, and belonging to society. Henry was born in the 1960s and watched his friends die of AIDS. Eric is in his early thirties and wants to live and love to the fullest. But will homosexuals in America soon lose their hard-earned rights again in 2016 as a result of the election of Donald Trump? Are the experiences of older generations useful in defending what has been achieved?

Fabian Dutt embodies young Eric: “There is a good sentence from Eric. He says we have to look for a connection, even if it doesn’t exist at first sight. And I think that’s true. I think every human has something inside that needs to be understood, otherwise it won’t work together to live together. “.

“I miss the feeling I had when I became gay a bit like being part of a secret club.”
Quote from the play

“Legacy”: Panopticon of alien worlds over several decades

Under Donald Trump, the private has become political again. The heroes, who were only able to enjoy their personal happiness and freedom, must once again take a political stand. American author Matthew Lopez, born in 1977, sheds light on this fact through the interweaving of the attitude towards the lives of his characters from different generations and the events of different decades. A collection of alien worlds that can also be found in Europe.

Similarities to repression in Eastern European countries

“We haven’t consciously updated or rolled out the play at present,” says director Jakubaschk. “The election of Trump and all that it stands for and what it means for the LGBT community can be taken to Europe.” “In some Eastern European countries, we have pushed back a policy that restricts gay or gay rights, and we haven’t started the path of liberation there, so to speak. All of that can be read as an analogy.”

Originally American, “The Legacy” is narrated in two parts. Ronnie Jakobashk, who directed Shakespeare’s comedy “What You Want” for the Hanover series Hoftheater, directed “What You Want” one evening. More than five hours, two breaks with time to eat. For actor Fabian Dutt, length is a blessing: “It’s so dense, but you have different directions to go. You get lost as a character and then get right again, that’s not found in the other plays.”

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Hannover Theatre.  © NDR Photo: Julius Matuschik

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Legacy: Play around the LGBT community

The play celebrates its Hanover premiere and spans the arc from the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s to the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

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