Jungle fever! This is how you skillfully design the trendy jungle look + competition

Do you already have your own urban jungle at home? The interior design trend has taken the world by storm, but what it has the most in common with real jungle is a few green plants. That’s exactly what Lorette (Sandra Bullock) and Alan have to do in a comedy “the lost City” From April 21 painful notice. As die-hard city dwellers, they’re swept up in their tropical surroundings and roaming the jungle — and Loretta wears a shimmering embroidered jumpsuit and high heels in anything but the way of the occasion.

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the lost City

Even if the journey to the real jungle is too daunting for you, jungle style looks great in fashion and makeup, just as it does in the living room at home. But what is a forest like anyway? And how not to risk flapping in the streets like a bird of paradise? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to style this trend right.


Stay tuned! We may have brought Bird of Paradise into play, but we have used skillfully and elegantly, feathered parts that are the absolute IT piece of the season! Dare to look for inspiration in the colorful plumage of parrots and mates and you will surely be an eye-catcher at every event. But be sure to choose parts with a delicate decoration of the feathers, they will not be too thick.

floral prints

If you also want to bring your urban jungle out of the living room, then exotic floral prints are almost perfect for you. On your next shopping spree, keep an eye out for flowers and plants that aren’t native to us – palm leaves or hibiscus flowers, for example. As a dress, it gives a more flattering touch than a classic floral dress, and as a casual two-piece suit, it gives a good dose of coolness.

big cat prints

How do you feel about being the queen of the jungle? Using the trend piece in a big cat print, you can easily answer this question yourself. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the modern leopard, the classic all-animal print style, or the often overlooked leopard – with these patterns you can set the tone! When combined with baggy jeans, you can make a statement with your cat’s blouse or coat without appearing disguised.

snake skin

Another trend from the animal kingdom has been with us for a while and by no means has it lost ground: snakeskin prints continue to make you absolutely eye catching on the streets! This year, the snakeskin has been peeled off with colorful accents and kept fresh, so you can continue meandering through the urban jungle in style for a long time to come.

Could it be a bit of both?

Are those flowers or are they tiger spots? Real fashion designers blur the boundaries and play with the mystery of some of the prints that can currently be found in boutiques. The result is a modern look that raises questions in the best possible way and is guaranteed to shine.

safari / adventurous look

Be honest: getting fashion inspiration from the flora and fauna of the woods isn’t really a thing? No problem, you don’t have to stay out of this trend for long! Alternatively, take inspiration from Jungle Raiders: You can also pay homage to Indiana Jones-style adventurers in a very elegant way. So, if you’ve always wanted to stock your wardrobe with a brown leather coat, but didn’t dare without an upcoming safari vacation, now you’ll have no other excuses.

Limited to accessories

You’re not really the type for eye-catching statement pieces, but you still love our prints? Then start with size and experiment with accessories to upgrade your everyday look. From a leo bag to a leaf-covered cell phone case, plenty of eye-catching awaits you and makes wild jungle style wearable in smaller doses for absolutely everyone!

And if this update of your wardrobe wasn’t enough for you, here are some makeup tips for you too! These eye-catching looks come at their best paired with elegant nude lips.

big cat

This bold cat-eye upgrade is for the bravest makeup artist among us. Sure, Leo’s look requires a lot of craftsmanship, but it looks just amazing — and the earthy, neutral tones aren’t really as eye-catching as you might think.

jungle colors

The easiest way to incorporate a jungle look into your makeup is to venture into slightly funky shades that may not be part of your daily routine. The rich green color instantly evokes a touch of palm leaf and liana on your eyelids and can definitely speak for itself. But if you fancy color contrast, go with a rich earth tone or dare bright yellow to set a new accent.


The Lost City – The Secret of the Lost City

the story
Brilliant but reclusive writer Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) has spent her career writing about exotic locations in her popular romance and adventure novels – her story hero and handsome cover model Alan (Channing Tatum), who has also dedicated his existence in real life to impersonating the main character Dash. While on tour to promote her new book with Alan, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) who he hopes will lead him to the lost Old Town treasure from her latest novel. Desiring to prove that he can be a hero in real life, not only on the pages of her books, Alan sets out to save her. The unexpected couple soon find themselves immersed in a truly surreal adventure deep in the woods, where the lines between fantasy and reality seem increasingly blurred. Will the two be able to team up to survive the challenges of the wilderness and find the ancient treasure before it is lost forever?

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The Lost City - The Secret of the Lost City

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