Hauke ​​Bartel, the man for the next chapter of the RTL novel

A few years ago, RTL presented a large number of new series projects at a press conference in Hamburg, and they were so comprehensive that the journalists present were initially surprised by the attack. But even during the show, the surprise they built up broke down when they added: All series have a certain tone and joy. This standardization may have been – and was a killer priority – for advertisers with a consistent environment, but in the end it didn’t convince viewers for most of these series. After big ambitions with “Deutschland 83” on the one hand and a shallow mainstream attack on the other, RTL’s novel has been largely inert. Haven’t you tried everything?

In the spring of 2021, Hawk Bartel drew the final line of some of the remaining projects from that time. “Troubles are followed by an attack,” the head of fiction at RTL Germany explained in April of this year in an interview with DWDL.de. In light of the many announced new beginnings, skepticism was as great as one might expect. Since the beginning of 2020, he has been responsible for fantasy strategy across all of the group’s shows, initially with fellow broadcaster Frauk Knip, who is now the broadcast service’s program director. By the way, such small dishes as “One Never Dies Among Friends” and “Tilo Newman and the Universe” were pretty much under the radar, despite the very prominent cast.

However, this fall, all the threads that ensured a big impact came together: rebranding the streaming service and completing some quality productions. At Cannes in October, RTL+ and novel director Hauke ​​Bartel made a huge impact with the world premiere of “Sisi” on one side and Ferdinand von Schirach’s series “Glauben” in the official competition on the other. The latter even won two awards. But it’s not the effective PR rendering of this fictional attack on the recently relaunched streaming service that’s convincing — it’s the series itself. With the aforementioned producers – a compelling reinterpretation of the urgently uncomfortable “Sisi” and “Faith” – as well as in the “Faking Hitler” series, RTL+ has succeeded in creating an impressive trinity of bespoke fantasy productions.

Whether they get the attention they deserve in the paid streaming service is another matter. However, in terms of content, the three series show a fresh and diverse approach. Once in Shape: an original TV series (the first story was written directly for TV by Ferdinand von Scherach), a reinterpretation of a famous brand and was a historical event once as a broadcaster. They are also different in genre: “Sisi” and “globin” by Chirash both serve the general public, but they certainly do not serve the same audience. These series have little in common, yet they get along well, leading to a solid lineup and making up the RTL+ relaunch, which is notable in that a lot of reality TV shows have been the focus under the TVnow brand.

Not so this fall. To reboot RTL+, which is very important from the company’s point of view, there are three serial projects to score – the most important being the role of fiction chief Hauke ​​Bartel (born in 1985), who graduated only in 2014 from Babelsberg Film University, Konrad earned Wolff obtained his MA, then came to Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland via Vox and became head of the fiction department there in 2017. He was unsuccessful in replicating the success of “The Red Ribbon Club” there. Under the fictionally bad RTL, developing a signature for Vox was a technically limited task in both genre and budget. His enthusiasm for ideas and books, combined with modest collaborations, which the creators and producers already admired, were convincing at the time.

This means, among other things, that in addition to the big lead, he is also passionate about small ideas such as “Keine Spezial Vorhäften”, a charming comedy series skilfully adapted from outsiders. The outlandish production by Lutz Heineking Jr. It fits any station in the group before, but now it does an important job in TVnow and RTL+. It demonstrates a wide range of subscribers and establishes the streaming service as the home of imaginative productions, large or small. RTL can make big budgets, but they want more than that, and that’s exactly what has tremendous appeal in the direction of the creative community: a good idea matters, and then it can happen quickly too. The first season of “KBV” went online in February of this year, and the second season in November.

Accessibility and openness to ideas are always praised when talking about Hauke ​​Bartel. Working together is uncomplicated. Of course, it goes without saying that no fantasy strategy can be implemented in the world alone: ​​on the one hand, there is the exchange with trusted fellow and RTL + program manager Frauke Neeb, and on the other with the support of Henning Tewes, managing director of RTL and RTL +. But there is also a leader in team sports, and when it comes to RTL fantasy, he is Hauke ​​Bartel, one of our screen champions of the year, with a solid record for 2021. There is still enough homework, because content-convincing doesn’t automatically work in Free exploitation of television.

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