‘Golden Gauntlet’: How close was the killer’s thug to reality?

The Golden Glove brutal killer movie is based on true events. Fritz Hunka murdered four women in the 1970s. We check out how director Fatih Akin separates fact from fiction.


Fritz Hunka’s neglected apartment

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© Screenshot of “The St. Pauli Assassin – Fritz Hunka”

Warning: The script contains spoilers about the movie

With his killer serial killer song “Golden Glove”, Fatih Akin has shot the bestselling Heinz Strink award-winning film of the same name. The focus is on alcoholic worker and night watchman Fritz “Feti” Hunka (played by Jonas Dassler), who has gone down in criminal history as the thug from St. Pauli. Between 1970 and 1975, Hunka brutally murdered four women in the Altona district of Hamburg. Then he dismembered them with a fox saw and buried the body parts in his apartment. In the infamous launch bar To the golden glove Not only did Hunka stop regularly at the hamburger burg in St. Pauli, but he also took his victims home from there.

The most important facts are true

Director Akin largely adheres to well-known facts, which he reproduces as faithfully as possible on the screen. If you compare the images from the film with the historical photos of the Hunka apartment (see photo gallery above), it becomes clearer how thoroughly Akin tried to rebuild it in terms of detail. Honka’s work golden glove Guaranteed, as mentioned by the then owner Jörn Nürnberg in the documentary “The St. Pauli Murderer – Fritz Hunka”. According to Nuremberg, Honka put himself in a convenient place in the tavern and tried to beat up desperate women, mostly older ones, by distributing liqueurs. So the environment is right, most of the supporting characters are there golden glove but it’s imaginaryAkin relies on the literary source of Heinz Strenk, who developed the story in his dry, stinging humor in a strange and wonderful way and named side names such as “Soldatn Norbert”, “Nassen Erne” or “Anos”.

What happened to St. Pauli Fritz Hunca’s serial killer?

The fire that broke out in the apartment building on Zeißstraße 74 in Hamburg at the end of the “Golden Glove” and led to the firefighters’ exposure of criminal activity, is also true. – To the scene of the accident where Honka managed to reach the cordoned off crime scene. Only the details have been changed for dramatic reasons. In fact, a Norwegian sailor on the grounds below Honka’s apartment set a fire because he slept with a lit cigarette. In the movie, a Greek family overcooked. However, Hunka’s interpretation of the smell of a corpse that came from his apartment and that the neighbors actually complained about was taken individually. Honka claimed that the stench was due to the strange cooking skills of his fellow foreign tenants.

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Margaret Tessel and Jonas Dassler in “The Golden Glove”

When it comes to dialect, Akin also sticks to reality, because Honka comes from Leipzig, with whom actor Jonas Dassler (“The Silent Classroom”) also communicates orally. The fact that some Saxons have already criticized the originality of the dialect on screen does not change the approach to sticking to the facts. She is also responsible for the Hunka accident in 1956, which left him with a disfigured nose.

These were the victims of Fritz Hunka

  • Gertraud Breuer (42 years old), hairdresser and occasional prostitute. He is believed to have been killed in December 1970. The head, breasts, hands and legs were cut off and discovered on November 2, 1971 in a nearby company scrap yard.
  • Anna Beuchel (54), a housewife and prostitute. She was killed in 1974. Honka met her in golden glove You know, he strangled the woman in his apartment and mutilated her body, then hid it in the attic.
  • Frieda Roblick (57), a prostitute. Killed in December 1974. Hunka killed her after Roblick stole from him.
  • Ruth Schulte (52), a prostitute. She was killed in 1975. She is also one of the regular customers of golden gloveShe moved in with Honka and one day she hit her head with a bottle of pills. Hunka then strangled her and cut off her legs, breasts, ears, nose and tongue.

The Golden Glove movie review of “The Golden Glove”

Synopsis: In general, Fatih Akin adheres strictly to the details of the group and also remains largely faithful to the facts of the murder chain., while the concrete account of Honka’s private life leaves more room for the imagination because, after all, no one except those directly involved. “The Golden Glove” has been shown in German cinemas since February 21, 2019.

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