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While running on a Paris street, Raff falls violently on his elbow, which instantly swells severely. It hurts really badly. Other than that, things go a little mediocre for comedian (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), who lives with her friend Julie (Marina Vois) in a nice apartment in central Paris — at least for now.

The relationship is at an impasse, Julie wants to break up, Ruff goes after her, and a falling out takes place in the process. In the emergency room of a Paris clinic, she has to wait an entire night, or for the duration of the movie. French director Catherine Corsini performed “La fracture” in a hospital at Cannes last year, and it is now coming to German cinemas under the somewhat toned down title “In Good Hands”.

The patient loses his mind and attacks the nurse. Does this connect others to each other?

The director recounts from her own experience, that she fell a few years ago and ended up in the emergency room of the Parisian hospital Larriboisiere. There I learned in practice that the nursing shortage is more than a political slogan and not all patients come from their own middle-class bubble. After two historical films (“La belle saison”, “Un amour the impossible”), Corsini wanted to do something about today’s society, about its cracks, tensions and divisions. The fracture of the same name is not only about Ruff’s elbow – here a small story is told in a big way.

In the emergency room thumbnail, people from walks of life who could hardly have met are meeting, which is loud, sad and funny too. Because ruff is such a terrible pain in the butt that she acts like she’s the only patient. Of course she isn’t, which is why she also bumps into a daredevil named Yan (Pyo Marmai). He doesn’t live a privileged life like hers, he just has a paying job as a truck driver. He’s only in Paris because he wanted to take part in the Yellow Vest Show. Unfortunately, he was injured in the leg. Even worse, his boss knew nothing of this turn and should have been behind the wheel a long time ago. But anyone who’s waited in the emergency room knows that it always takes longer than expected.


So Yan’s nerves are on edge, as are his bedmate’s. “I chose the blonde,” Ruff yelled at him. “Le Pen is only here because of people like you,” he shouted in response. Looking at the results of the first round of the French presidential election, this is a very topical topic, but it describes the mood in France that has been going on for so long. The director works with enjoyment of social contradictions, a high pace and still manages not to betray any of her characters. Her theatrical style is documentary, entrusting the role of the nurse on duty to a real nurse (Aïssatou Diallo Sagna).

The interaction between amateur and professional actresses works great. In general, the director manages well to combine comic and tragic, both political and private. In spite of everything, she does not seem to have lost hope for the good of people. When a manic-depressive patient gets scared and attacks the nurse, the situation seems to escalate forever. But the hysterical Raff and the hot-headed Yan suddenly met and managed to calm the attacker. Does it always have to get worse before everyone calms down?

do not break, France 2021 – directed by Catherine Corsini. With: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marina Voss, Bio Marmai. Alamoud movie 98 minutes. Theatrical release: April 21, 2022.

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