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“Matryoshka” with season two has been showing on Netflix since mid-April. Learn more about the series’ launch, episodes, cast, and plot here. There is also a trailer.

The second season of the drama series “Matryoshka” has ended. Netflix is back. “Matryoshka” premiered in February 2019 and is held in America under the name “Russian Doll”. Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler serve as executive producers.

The series revolves around a woman who lives the night of her 36th birthday as if she were in a period of time. Every time she dies, only to regain consciousness in the bathroom at her birthday party. In order to break out of this cycle, she must first go through a transformation.

What happens in the new episodes? Who are the cast of the second season? Here in this article you will find everything you need to know about the plot, consequences and actors of the cast of the second season of “Matryoshka”. At the end you will also find the official trailer.

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Start date: How long is the second season of ‘Matryoshka’ on Netflix? to see?

The second season of “Matryoshka” premiered on April 20, 2022 on Netflix.

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With over 200 million subscribers in over 190 countries around the world, Netflix is ​​one of the largest streaming providers. The show varies from many shows, series and documentaries to various feature films.

Plot: This is what the second season of ‘Matryoshka’ is all about

Season two takes place four years after Nadia and Alan escaped a deadly time crisis. Suddenly, the two of them discover a fate worse than death over and over again. They must explore their past as they land through a time portal at one of the most iconic locations in Manhattan.

Episodes: These are the Matryoshka Season 2 episodes on Netflix

The second season of “Matryoshka” consists of eight episodes. Netflix has yet to announce the title of each episode. We will publish episode names as soon as information becomes available.

  • Episode 1: Nowhere
  • Episode 2: Coney Island infant
  • Episode 3: The Escape of the Intellectuals
  • Episode 4: From Station to Station
  • Episode 5: Excellent Corpse
  • Episode 6: Schrödingers Ruth
  • Episode 7: matryoshka

Actors: Who are the cast of “Matryoshka” season two?

Natasha Lyonne plays the main role of Nadia Volvokov in Matryoshka. Season 2 also brings some new additions. Newcomers include celebrity “Shit Creek” actress Annie Murphy and “House of Cards” star Caroline Michael Smith and Sharlto Copley.

Here you will find an overview of the main actors of the “Matryoshka” team and the names of their roles in the series:

the actor Job
Natasha Lyon Nadia Volvokov
Greta Lee Maxine
Charlie Barnett Alan Zaveri
Yul Vasquez John Reyes
Elizabeth Ashley Ruth burner

Introduction: The first glimpses of the second season of “Matryoshka”

So you can get an impression of the second season of the Netflix series “Matryoshka”, here is the original trailer in English with the second season announced for you:

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