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Daniel and Katharina talk about a new favorite book full of animal metaphors, about literary places of longing and the trend toward kind novels.

It’s North German in the podcast: Katharina serves Labskaus from “Sommerby,” Kirsten Boye’s children’s book series, set in a fictional setting in Schlei, and in the library, novels are sought (and found) about that play on the North Sea. But she also goes to Berlin (in the challenge bestseller), to Cape Cod (with the novel “Paper Palace”, which the hosts really liked), to the mountains, to Masuria (with a list of All Time Favorites) and to Sweden: author David Lagercrantz online from ARD Studio Stockholm and talks about his exciting new movie.

And to Daniel’s delight, this time there’s a literary dessert: Kalter Hund, a kids’ birthday meal, and also a recipe from Sommerby’s new book that Katharina couldn’t resist. So it was well reinforced for the test – which this time passed with flying colors.

My voice: (58) Labskaus with David Lagercrantz (61 min)

Presentation books

  • Kirsten Boy: “Longing for Sommerby. That’s what family tastes like” (Oetinger)
  • Maxim Liu: “The Hero from the Friedrichstrasse Station” (Kiepenheuer & Witsch)
  • Miranda Cole Heller: “Paper Palace”, from English by Susan Hubble (Ulstein)
  • Annika Busing: “Northern Town” (Steidl)
  • David Lagerrantz: “Man of Shadows”, from Swedish by Susan Dahlmann (Heine).
  • Thomas Glavenick: “The Great Miracle” (dtv)
  • Siegfried Lenz: “So the tender was soliken” (S Fisher)


  • Astrid Dehi / Achim Engstler: “Rising Water” (dtv, enriched)
  • Monica Betz: “Summer Sisters” (Kiepenheuer & Witsch)



  • 340 grams Corn beef
  • 750g cooking flour Potato
  • 3 Option
  • pickled beetroot to taste
  • Option– And beetroot liquid
  • salt And Pepper
  • 4 egg
  • 4 sour herring (eg Bismarck and Rollmops)

to equip:

Diced Pickled Beetroot - Episode 58 of Food READ.sleep © NDR Photo: Katharina Mahrenholtz

Cubes of beetroot and cucumber go with the recipe.

Peel the potatoes and cook them. Cut the onion into cubes and fry in fat, add finely chopped meat and fry with the lid on for about three minutes. Add cucumber cubes and some cucumber liquid. Add the beetroot cubes, perhaps using a little liquid here as well. Season with salt and pepper. Simmer for ten minutes. Mash the cooked potatoes well and add to the roasted beef mixture. Taste again. Served with fried eggs and herring.

additional information

READ.sleep Food Hosts: Daniel Kaiser (from left), Katharina Mahrenholtz and Jan Ehlert © NDR / Christian Spielmann Photo: Christian Spielmann

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