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to: Annika Seppacher

split, rip

The stock here for steel arrows is available in different versions. © Sepatcher

Arrows are becoming increasingly popular. United recently established a new darts division and are looking for more members. Training takes place every 14 days on Thursdays. Our reporter dared to try it on herself.

Albringhausen – About a dozen people interested in Schutzenhall gathered in Albringhausen. Arne Bäker created two dart boards there, and there are several darts waiting to be used on the table. Those who already have some experience bring their own arrows. It’s the first training evening for AS United’s newly created darts division. District newspaper reporter Annika Seppacher mingled with athletes – a self-experiment in a game of skill.

As a complete beginner, I first explained the basics and learned that there are different ways to play. Most often, a variant is played in which points from 501 counters are initially reduced. The winner is the first person to set his score to zero. Of course, only arrows that are stuck in tight spaces on the target are valid. What seems so simple requires a lot of focus – and practice.

Darts require focus and practice

The first evening is perfect for experimenting, because you haven’t settled on any rules yet. Each player has three turns in turns. “We’re still in the discovery phase ourselves and we have a lot to come to terms with,” says Arne Bakker.

He had the idea of ​​splitting darts at AS United, where football had previously shaped the life of the club. Although they have a good 90 members, they want to expand in the future. “I watched the Darts World Cup on TV last December, and then my fingers itch,” Becker recalls.

After his proposal was well received by the board of directors, he organized an open tournament in early March. According to him, this was a “real, sure success” and provided evidence of an interest also in arrows in the Bsum area. In the end, 51 participants proved their accuracy in goals in the evening competition. “Thanks to Westwind’s support, many awards can be awarded,” Bäker reports.

There was great interest in the first Schützenhalle archery course in Albringhausen.  Therefore, according to the regulator, there must be redundancy.
There was great interest in the first Schützenhalle archery course in Albringhausen. Therefore, according to the regulator, there must be redundancy. © AS United

After a successful start, Albringhäuser now wants to take part in the Hobby League. “We’re just playing for fun,” Packer explains, and he’s happy to have more comrades-in-arms.

As a layman, I first test out some stocks on a training evening. It differs in the steel darts played at AS United in terms of weight. One team member explains that the standard game is played with darts weighing 23 to 25 grams. On the other hand, there are different characteristics of the surface of the handle and wings. At first glance, the difference between the arrows seems to me marginal, but when throwing at the target it becomes clear: the curve is more stable with heavier arrows and consumes less energy. According to Packer, there is no general rule for finding the right stock for you. So it’s a good way to test out the different versions and see which darts give you the best results. “Some swing, some push,” Albringhäuser explains more options in the throwing motion.

Different throwing techniques: some swing, some push.

But no matter how the dart is thrown at the end, the player always puts himself in a place called oche (throwing line). This bulkhead is exactly 2.37 meters from the disc. However, the bull’s-eye is suspended at a height of 1.73 meters. While the foot should not cross the barrier, it is allowed to tilt the torso above this mark. There are posture tips from more experienced Schutzenhall hobbyists: “It is better to stand parallel to the target and to spread your legs a little. The arm, shoulder and arrow should be in the same line.” It is not easy to focus when there are many eyes on the same target. I hit the target, but I’m glad it’s not about the points tonight.

Focus and Accuracy Required: Editor Anika Seebacher in Darts.
Focus and Accuracy Required: Editor Anika Seebacher in Darts. © Sepatcher, Annika

“There is a real buzz in the area,” said Arne Bakker, referring to the shift from pub gambling to a serious sport. Everyone is talking about darts, especially in the winter months, after the World Cup is televised. “There’s a slab in almost every second home here,” Packer suspects. At the shooting range, he equipped targets with an LED ring. Explains the advantage of equipment by preventing shadows from appearing by arrows that have already been thrown.

By the way, left and right-handed owners have the same chances in darts. “You passively play darts against each other,” Packer says. Another advantage for him is that you “notice a quick improvement”. After a few throws, many people achieve success that motivates them to keep going. “It has always been important for AS United to bring generations together. We have really made that happen with the tournament,” Packer says happily, talking about participants aged roughly 20 to 60. The organizer also promises to repeat the open competition .


Anyone interested in joining AS United Darts can attend a training evening. On odd weeks, these activities take place on Thursdays at 7 pm in the Schützenhalle in Albringhausen.

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