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The 2021 NDR “Albatross” check was delivered via video conferencing.

The NDR “Albatross” sponsorship prize of the year for the best TV series concept, which was awarded 7,500 euros, goes to the series “Babyland” (Agitprop Film) and Bulgarian producer Martichka Bozhilova. The prize was awarded on Thursday 24 June as part of the “Series Lab Hamburg”. The authors of “Babyland” are Italian Simona Nobile and American Dianne Jones.

NDR “Albatross” aims to promote the production of international chains

Christian Grandrath, Editor-in-Chief of Films, Family and Series at NDR: “With the ‘Albatross’ Sponsorship Award, NDR wants to bring international series productions to life.” Babyland “A worthy winner out of more than twenty interesting projects. We are excited to know when the chick will spawn, how and where it will land. Congratulations to the producer and writers and good luck!”

“Babyland Prize” Jury: “An original and unusual setting”

The justification stated: “The jury was impressed by the original, unusual setting and strong premise: the protagonist Natasha established a surrogacy clinic in Ukraine as a place where dreams come true: the dreams and dreams of well-traveled fathers. The dreams of mothers who hope for a better life. The story is based on a female staff. It is strong and deals with fantastic existential dramas. The series is clearly set in a part of Eastern Europe that hasn’t been seen in fiction. The desire to have children is universal and gives the material the potential to find successful audiences anywhere in Europe.”

Judicial drama “Don’t Kill” was praised.

The jury specifically noted producer Genevieve LeMall and author David Lambert for “Thou shalt not kill” (Scope Pictures): “Although the project is still in an early stage of development, you can already see the extraordinary strength of the film’s legal drama about A family left alone in a hopeless situation based on a real medical scandal in Liege in 1962. A story that still touches us to this day and should definitely be told.”

Among the jury members is Almila Bagrejacic

The jury members for “Albatross” are actress Almila Bagrejacic, who can be seen on Kiel’s NDR Tatort as Commissioner Mila Shaheen, along with Axel Melberg as Detective Borovsky. In addition, she acted in “4 Blocks” and the films “Nur Eine Frau” and “NSU – Don’t Forget Me” – for which she won the German Acting Award as Best Young Actress. Next year you will see in the comedy “Jagdsaison”.

British screenwriter Donna Sharp was also a member of the jury. In addition to several international series such as “Lou and Freddi” (HBO Europe), she has co-authored “West of Liberty” (ZDF/ITV) with Wotan Wilke Möhring and Lars Eidinger. The NDR was represented on the jury by film editor Sabine Holtgrave (among others, the editor of “Disappearance” and “The Secret of the Dead Forest”).

NDR “Albatross” award three times

Project designs for 24 series from 15 countries competed for the award. The NDR “Albatross” award was awarded for the third time: in 2017 it went to the Belgian-German co-production “Missing Lisa” by Jan Matthys, the German co-producer was Dorothe Beinemeier from Hamburg. In 2019, producer Stefan Geren and author Max Zahle received an award for the series “Raghu”.

At “Series Lab Hamburg” June 22-24, European film production teams gathered online to work with screenwriters on their serial projects. The three-day workshop is a collaboration between Creative Europe Hamburg, Letterbox Filmproduktion and Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

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