40 years of the Church’s guardian in knowledge: Klaus Behner lived 47 priests

Message from 04/21/2022

Written by Catherine Behner

Klaus Behner has been the Archdiocese of Exaltation of the Cross in Knowledge for 40 years. On the occasion of the anniversary of the service, the good spirit of the parish received many congratulations from all the diocese.

Klaus Behner has been the Sacristan of the Church of the Holy Cross in the Know for over 40 years. Reverend and Dean Martin Courten (right) bring congratulations and blessings. (photo: private)

Knowledge. Exactly on April 15, 1982, Klaus Behner became the Parish Secretary of the Exaltation of the Cross and can now look back on 40 years of service to the faith. On Good Friday, on the occasion of this event, he received many congratulations from colleagues throughout the diocese and from the Cologne Sexton Society. The Sexton Cathedral of Cologne, Hermann Josef Muller, also came specifically to convey his appreciation to Behner – not least a special gift: a candle decorated with the coat of arms of the Archdiocese and the Sexton Society of Cologne. Muller put special emphasis on Behner’s 40 years of activity in the church community.

Reverend and Dean Martin Courten also agreed. Heartily congratulated on the anniversary. Behner has taken good care of the church over the years. Kourten said his special thanks to him for that.

Active in the parish even before training to become a sakristan
Klaus Behner completed his training as Sacristan in Aachen. The 61-year-old is now an altar boy and lecturer since 1969. He is also an activist at the parish level. He was one of the founding members of the Specialized Group of Skristians in the Diocese of Cologne.

As a guard in the parish, he faithfully takes care of the preparations for the masses. In addition to the liturgy, the loving design of the parish church “Exaltation of the Cross” is especially close to his heart. For example in the design of a Christmas bed or holiday decorations for Easter. Year after year, the nativity scene attracts many visitors from near and far, and a number of diligent assistants are on hand to help Behner set it up.

Since 1985, Behner has also worked as an assistant in the company, visiting patients and educating altar boys. It also supports the education of future company children and installation candidates when needed. He also helps with organizational matters, such as renovation work in the church, to name a few of his areas of responsibility.

In 1988, Behner was accepted as a 3rd Class Honorary of Saint Norbert and in 2006 he was awarded a special honor when he was named honorary sacristan. In all the many years, Klaus Behner saw 47 priests, seven deacons, and three pastoral officers. If one asks what event was particularly memorable for him in the long forty years of his activity as a sacrament, one would not have to think twice:

In addition to more than 1,680 baptisms, numerous funerals, and more than 550 weddings, the celebrations for World Catholic Youth Day in 2005 are a lasting memory of Beiner. It was a great experience when more than 2,000 young French-speaking people came to Westerland.

When asked how long he wants it to last, Behner smiles. It is a pious wish to complete fifty years. But until 2024, he definitely wants to continue the work he always enjoyed. But he also looks forward to more freedom in old age.

Immediately after this, Behner, who celebrates his sixty-second birthday in May, returns to his work: the festivities of the First Communion of the year will soon be held in the parish church “Exaltation of the Cross” in the Knowledge. There is a lot to do with Behner. (Cathepi)

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