The green season begins in Hagen, takes place in Strzegom and more –

The finest dressage and showjumping are brought to viewers live and in front of the screens at Hagen Weekend at Horses & Dreams. Plus, the first four-star long event will take place in Strzegaum, with the cup vaulters riding the Nations Cup again, and there’s more to come this weekend.

International Dressage and Showjumping Championships (CDI4*/CSI4*) “Canada’s Horses and Dreams meet” with the Louisdor Prize and the U25 Showjumping Cup April 20-24 at Hagen aTW

At least once a national elite of dressage and show jumping with Marcus Ening, Christian Kocock, Isabel Wirth and many more, but also some top-notch couples from abroad who made their way to North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to the four-star competitions in the rink and the training course, there are also interesting competitions at the national level, such as the first qualification for the Nuremberg Cup and the finals of the Luisdur Prize or the final qualification for the U-25 Showjumping Cup. The first Grand Prix was held in Hagen this morning, with the Superb winning under Isabell Werth.

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Four national fights and four junior national fights from April 22-24 in Langenfeld

Following last year’s trio of Westflians in the Federal Junior Foursome and the Federal Junior Quadruple, this weekend is all about defending the title in exciting competition with four disciplines, including dressage and show jumping.

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Official International Youth Show Jumping Championships (CSIOY / J / CH / P) from 20 to 24 April in Zduchovice / CZE

After a victorious appearance at the Nations Cup for the Show Jumpers, it will be interesting to see how the team surrounds young German champion Julie Marie Konner and her fellow contestants at Zduchovice in the Czech Republic. And of course the other young show jumpers keep their fingers crossed!

CSIOY: Team: Michael Proswitz (Iserlohn); Johann Gref (Rodenwald); Verena Haller (Hugling); Anna Gorrich (Nothtal); Hanna Schreyer (Zeven); Solo jockey: Isabel Grandeke (Berlin); Brett Roth (Freimersheim); Joanna Zander Kell (Berlin).
CSIOJ: Team: Madlen Boy (Coppenbrügge); Paula Fisher (Nothal); Julian Jules (Königs Vosterhausen); Charlotte Hoeing (Burkin); Mika Roth (Freimersheim); Single jockey: Hendrik Gref (Rodenwald); Theresa Hessler (Chements); Tessa Lenny Tillman (Rastorf).
CSIOCh: Team: Ava Firch (Stijn); Antonia Hessler (Chements); Louise Conley (Cops); Julie Marie Conner (Hadorf); Lily Schrader (Rain); Single jockey: Konstantin Haag (Munich); Lily Ladwig (Neustadt); Leonard Thomsen (Berndorf); Scaddy Trumper (Blankenheim).
CSIP: Ava Firch (Stigen); Julie Marie Conner (Hadorf); Kiana von Seckendorf (Bayreuth).

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Interesting too

Gorla Minore: Haunhorst, Assmann and Ferch Bring the Grand Prix to Germany

International Show Jumping (CSI3 * / 1 *) from 20 to 24 April in Gorla Minore / ITA
CSI3*: Hans Dieter Dreyer (Imelding); Marcel Marshall (Altheme); Sven Schlusselberg (Ellsfeld).
CSI1*: Anja Raining-Evering (Zog); Anna Barbara Scherer (Heidesheim).

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International Show Jumping (CSI3 *) April 21-24 at Lier / BEL
Daniel Deuser (Germany); quillbrandt turbine (Emsdeten); Maxim Perez (Germany); Nina Piasecki (Mönchengladbach); Jean-Andre Schulze Neues (Warrendorf).

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Showjumping International (CSI3*) from 20 to 24 April in Wellington / USA
Robert Karl Winkelmann (Drensteinfurt).

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Dressage International Championships (CDI3*/U25/Y/J/Ch/P) April 20-24 in Kronenberg/NEL
CDI3*: Sandra Nocul (Dinklage); Jana Spalk (Gelenkirchen).
CDIU25: Cosima von Viercks (Bad Zwechenan).
CDIY: Maja Schnakenberg (Dorverden).
CDIJ: Lillian Spalick (Gellenkirchen).
CDICh: Alyssa Marie Maas (Merbusch).
CDIP: Joanna Bubeck (Berlin); Alyssa Marie Maas (Merbusch); Greta Strack (eating).

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International Event Championships (CCI4*-S/3*-S/2*-L/2*-S/1*-Intro) April 20-24 in Strzegom/POL
CCI4*-S: Alina Debusky (states); Major Jonah Sebel (Kaltenkirchen).
CCI3*-S: Niklas Bucherer (Dinkelspool); Alina Debusky (states); Marie Fontmann (Recklinghausen); Emma Kommel (Gremaine); Lina Bedi (Dhammy/Mark); Lisa Marie West (Oberpoerlitz).
CCI2*-L: Andreas Debusky (State).
CCI2*-S: Andreas Debusky (Doll); Katherine Fram (Domerstorf); Laura Jean (New Dufenstedt); Philip Riddell (Camping); Mary Sean (Valkensi), Major Jonah Sebel (Kaltenkirchen).
CCI1 * Introduction: Yvonne Hauser Knaby (Zetau); Jessica Nagy (Rudwich); Linda Stevelmere (Nicio); Lisa Marie West (Oberpoerlitz).

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International Driving Contest (CAI3*-P2/3*-H1/3*-P1/2*-P1/U252*-P2/U252*-H1/U252*-P1/J2*-P2/J2*-P1/Ch2 *-P1) April 20-24 at Selestat / FRA
CAI3*-P2: Birgit Colois (because of the city).
CAI3*-H1: Fabian Ganschert (Herpolsheim); Claudia Lauterbach (Dilenberg); Anna Unzetig (Griffstein).
CAI3*-P1: Anna Jenkinger (Pfalzgrafinweiler); Lisa Maria Techer (New Isenburg).
CAI2*-P1: Kay Maria Schleicher (Krefeld).
CAIU252*-P2: Lena Hensel (Budingen); Leon Zacharias Reinhart (Bishofen Welsbach).
CAIU252*-H1: Ciara Schubert (Kitch); Anna Unzetig (Griffstein).
CAIU252*-P1: Lisa Maria Techer (New Isenburg).
CAIJ2*-P2: Malt Reinhardt (Bishofen Welsbach).
CAIJ2*-P1: Pauline Amand (Brownfels); Laura Hossig (Welish); Bea Schleicher (Krefeld); Philip Stolzenberger (Sandhausen).
CAICh2*-P1: Audrey Bannert (Biebergmond).

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International Championship Jumping Deux / CVI1 * Gruppen / CVIJ1 * Gruppen) from 22 to 24 April in Grote-Brogel / BEL
CVI3*: Ladies: Sima Hornberg (Marktoberdorf); Men: Thomas Proswitz (Cologne); Thorpine Hobby (Wolfsen); Julian Wellfling (Untermeitingen).
CVI3 * Pas de Deux: Annika Dietrich (Mainz) / Ina Rick (Mainz); Chiara Kongia (Cologne) / Justin van Gerpen (Cologne).
CVI3 kits*: Norka Automation Team.
CVIY2*: Anime Zimis (Beiersdorf).
CVIJ2*: Women: Mona Pavic (Noyes); Gianna Ronca (Monheim); Fiona Peter (Frankfurt); Paula Waskowiak (Kirchlingern); Luisa Rosic (Ingelheim am Rhein); Michel Hauser (orologue); Men: Bella Lenin (Moyers).
CVI2 kits*: RFZV St. Hubertus Hearn I
CVIJ2 kits*: Junior Team VV Cologne Dünnwald I; RVV Equus Team I; Mainz Ebersheim II.
CVI1*: Jana Schumacher (Okven).
CVIJ1*: Women: Lily Warren (Oldenburg); Lena Froboys (Minden); Tibest’s Joke (Cliff), Mona Thamig; Men: Arne Herz (Dorverden); Ben Lichtenberg (Gladbeck).
CVICh1*: Ladies: Mona Mertens (Korschenbroich); Yara Shell (Gooch).
CVI1 * Pas de Deux: Jana Schumacher (Bottrop) / Hanna Bedon (Freudenburg); Vivian Vankan (Emilshausen) / Jonathan Schumacher (Rosbach).
CVIJ1 * Pas de Deux: Karina Becker (Neukirchen-Fluen) / Lea Dorasen (Neukirchen-Fluen); Jana Steinmetz (Ingelheim) / Sina Seider (Momenheim).
CVI1 kits*: T1 VV Volmerdingsen.
CVIJ1 kits*: Junior Team VV Cologne Dünnwald I.

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Other tournaments (*/**) abroad with German participation
CSI 2*/1*/YH Opglabbeek/BEL Apr 21-24;
CSI 2 * / 1 * / YH Oliva / ESP April 20-24;
CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Stadl Paura / AUT April 21-24;
CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Zielona Góra / POL April 21-24;
CEI1*100 Compiègne / FRA April 23-24; email: [email protected]

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