Spring Awakening in Schwerin – Culture and more on the weekend

The famous “Florentine” infantryman is also back in the “Spring Awakening”. | Photo: LHS

The past few days have shown it clearly: Spring has made its way to us and seems unstoppable. The following is still great. But sun and day temperatures in the increased clear range now allow trees and shrubs to get greener. After a long period of darkness in late fall and winter, this is the best time to welcome spring in Schwerin as well.

Schwerin “Spring Awakening” in the city center

Finally, there should be a “spring awakening” in the state capital next weekend. says Andreas Ruhl, Head of the Cultural Department. It begins with the official start of the Schwerin event season with the celebration of the nationwide art fair of the MV Artists Association in Schleswig-Holstein-Haus. After a lively start at 11.15am in the front yard with the seven Schwerin drummers of “Drambella” and the “Klar(i)nett” quartet, many other attractions such as family tours, music, a kids’ drawing machine or hands-on programs for artists tempt in a while. Afternoon and artists in the house and garden at the Kulturforum.

Colorful program in many places

But nothing just happens in the Schleswig-Holstein house. An eventful afternoon awaits all guests, young and old, at Schwerin Market and at other points in the city centre. Among others, a foam factory from the #fairwertvoll initiative, a screen printing workshop, tango dancing under plane trees, readings in the Münzstraße, a mobile theater in the seller’s tray, a creative process station on the south bank of the Pfaffenteich, an art show by the Schwerin Art Association in Around the city and much more attractive. And of course there’s plenty of music to go with it. For example, the Dixieland Jazz Band of the State Police, the Mary Jane Orchestra and the Baltic Sweet Jazz Orchestra, the Basement Jam or wind bands, and the big band “AtaXoundZ” of the Ataraxia School of Music and Art offer spring-like sounds.

Look, walk, try, enjoy, relax

Schwerin’s shopping streets are also preparing for spring. The flowerbeds, already known from the “Schwerin-blooms-up” weekend, can still be found in front of many shops and restaurants. A botanical market is also planned for the Schweriner Höfe in Klöresgang from 10am to 4pm in collaboration with Medewege Garden Market and other retailers. When searching and touring requires a short break, guests will find several lounge chairs or they can fortify themselves with food and drink from the restaurants located within the city. Many other surprises await you at Münzstraße. For example, a cabaret was planned with a reading of the Wilhelm Tell at 3 p.m. at the Blickwinkel Gallery. At 4.30pm Catherine Sobotha Heidelk reads from her novel “Interzonenjahre” on Münzstraße 33 square.

For the first time this year, a “photo night” is planned on the Market Square, where photography in all its forms will be celebrated with images and multiple vision displays on a large screen. “We are very happy that we were able to win an Activator eV award as an actor in ‘Spring Awakening’ and we are really looking forward to this new format,” says Ulrike Just, Organizer of the Cultural Office.

Also on the weekend: Mueßer Spring Awakening, Jazz Night and Fleet Parade

There are more “Spring Awakenings” on Saturday (April 23) and Sunday (April 24) at the Mueß Open Air Museum. A fun weekend awaits with the special exhibition “Steps into the Natural Garden”, seed exchange and a spring market with handicrafts, special plants, culinary delights and live music. “So everything is taken care of,” says Dirk Kretzschmar, head of the cultural office. “Now we need the Joyful Weather God…”

This also wants the White Fleet, whose passenger ships also welcome the new season on April 23. The White Fleet’s traditional flotilla parade at Inner Schwerin and Heidensee marks the official start of the summer schedule. There is also a Schwerin Jazz Night on Saturday. Three international jazz bands are transforming the grand building of the Mecklenburg State Theater into a jazz hall and presenting their audience with an exciting first-class program.

A flyer for the entire program is available from the market’s tourist information department or can be viewed at www.schwerin.de/fruehjahrserwachsen.

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