Sport as a sign of connection and synergy

Marco Henrix worked as a coach in Russian top-tier sport from 2016 to 2021. The Rhinelander native returned to Germany a few months ago and is active in several clubs in the Middle Rhine, among others. He also volunteered for the Ukrainian national team located in the Hennev Sports School.

So far so respectable, everything takes on a special touch because Henrichs has only been back in Germany for a good six months. As already mentioned, he spent a number of years mainly in Russia. So in the country whose president is responsible for the fact that the football team fled from Kyiv to Germany and had to look for refuge in the Hennef sports school.

“I don’t differentiate between players from Ukraine, Russia or other countries”

The former triathlete and open water swimmer initially served in Russia for a major swimming league and base in the Volga region. This was later followed by training stations such as athletics training in the field of ice hockey CSKA Moscow and the Olympic committee As well as through sports for a short time Spartak Moscow. The 46-year-old is married to a Russian and their son was born in Moscow. There is no doubt that Henrichs, who can overcome the language barrier with the Ukrainian youth kickers, will help: “I do not discriminate between a player from Ukraine, Russia or other countries. Sports should always be a sign of contact and teamwork,” he says. .

This exact statement is also contained in a message DFB At the beginning of the war, when there was a minute’s silence before each match in the top leagues for peace and solidarity: “Football means peace and society. Football builds bridges, brings people together and ensures understanding between peoples,” the statement read. there.

This is exactly what Henrichs stands for. Of course, Ukrainian boys know about Heinrich’s relations with Russia. The sports coach, as well as the author of specialized sports books, among other things, does not keep this connection a secret. “In the beginning we talked briefly about my sporting and family connection with Russia. The boys see it as I do and can certainly separate sport from politics. After training, we briefly talk about
conflict between the two countries.

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Above all, it is about sports – and Henrix, who also took care of the Paralympic team from Ukraine a few years ago, has had nothing but positive experiences in Eastern Europe: “What I was very passionate about in Russia as well as in Ukrainian sports is this toughness, determination and ability to Suffering When professional players talk about toughness Felix Magath They grumble, and then I cordially invite them to one of our bases in Russia. ”

“I immediately realized my experience in Russia in the ambitious players from Kyiv. Every coach who has ever worked in Eastern Europe immediately realizes this. Whether it’s a team from Russia or Ukraine, the teams don’t really matter. Athletes in both countries are more capable of suffering in average from here in Germany.” Henrichs means he tends to see more determination and discipline in players than in Germany, even if that can’t be generalized, of course. “What is lacking there, however, is our football infrastructure. But I see the training know-how in the areas of athletics, endurance and speed development at a higher level in all sports in Russia than here in Germany.”

Relations with Russia generally lead to hostilities

What Henrix also condemns, except for the war in Ukraine, is the negative mood against all that is Russian. “People who have anything to do with Russia are generally accused of turning a blind eye to what Putin is doing,” Henriks says. “Personally, of course, I am against the war in Ukraine. War is never a solution, and dialogue must always come first.” But he was also attacked, and therefore, for example, he had very offensive comments and hostile actions in newspaper articles about him that were removed from the Internet, which was only because he liked Russian sports for years and that his wife and son are Russian.

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