“Shut up, the camera is spinning!” For three new thrillers from “Vienna Blood”

Robert Dornhelm is organizing the third season of the ORF International event production with Matthew Beard and Juergen Maurer

Vienna Vienna Blood has already written a success story with the highest reviews beyond national borders. After six films in two seasons, the next coup will follow: Under the direction of Robert Dornhelm, the seventh, eighth and ninth parts of the historical crime series have been filmed in full swing since Monday, March 21, 2021. After the decent duo of Matthew Bird and Jürgen Maurer at the turn of the century, Vienna faced, during Their unorthodox search for clues, “A Rendezvous with Death” (based on a Frank Thales novel) and the two “Der Schattengott” (based on the characters and motifs of Frank Thales) pose many mysteries, as “Death and the Maiden” (based on a Frank Thales novel) becomes a challenge additionally.

ORF General Manager Mag Roland Weissmann: “Vienna Blood has long been more than just the criminal entertainment of ORF-2, this series is rather a benchmark for what ORF can fantastically achieve:
A high-end production that internationalizes an Austrian environment and does not need to shy away from comparisons anywhere in the world. Robert Dornhelm and the MR-FILM team do great things and make you want more with every episode.”

In addition to Matthew Beard, Juergen Maurer, Joseph Eilers, Louise von Fink, Charlene McKenna, Conleth Hill, Amelia Pullmore, Miriam Hee, Robert Reingel, Raphael von Bargen, Simon Hatzel as well as Maria Koestlinger, Michael has returned for other roles in these three films. Its duration is 90 minutes, Kranz and Victoria Nikolaevskaya in front of the camera. Once again the episodic characters are first-rate, including Marcus Fristätter, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Harald Schrute and Xavier Hutter (Part 7, “Rendez-vous with Death”), Cornelius Oponia, Miriam Vosseniger, Carola Niederhuber and Leona Koenig (Part 8, “Shadow God”) and Annemarie Waldeck, Helen Stupnicki and Bibiana Biglau (Part 9, “Death and the Maiden”). New film scripts from this international ORF production are again presented by Stephen Thompson (based on the novels by Frank Thales). Filming – again in English this time – will take place in Vienna and Budapest and is expected to run until the end of June. Season 3 of “Vienna Blood” should be shown on ORF 2 in 2022.

More about the content:

“A Rendezvous with Death” (adapted from the novel “Fatal Communion”, part 7)

Two women were murdered, impaled like butterflies in the climax of sexual arousal. The killer wants Dr. Lieberman (Matthew Beard) recognizes his exceptional talent. That’s why he might be killed again. Oscar (Jürgen Maurer) and Max must prevent the next murder. But this is only possible if Max puts himself in mortal danger.

God of Shadows Part 8

A series of bizarre robberies baffles the police. The thief does not seem to be after valuables. A strange murder takes place in the home of former army officers. The crime that took place in China years ago seems to link these events together. Somewhere in Vienna there is a treasure of immeasurable value and someone wants to find it at any cost.

“Death and the Maiden” (based on the novel “Death and the Maiden”; Part 9)

Renowned movie star Ida Rego dies at the premiere of a new movie. Someone poisoned her. There are a lot of suspects – the actress was fired from the role, a fanatical cheerleader, a politician with whom she had an affair. But none of the tracks look so good. Max and Oscar feel like there’s a whole different game going on here. But which one?

“Vienna Blood” is a co-production by MR FILM and Endor Productions with ORF, ZDF and RedArrow Studios, with support from Fernsehfonds Austria, National Filmoffice Hungary and Filmfonds Wien.

If you can’t wait for the new episodes, you can find all parts of “Vienna Blood” on Flimmit (flimmit.at).

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