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Anna Lindemann

Pollen allergies spoil the beginning of spring for many people. What can help with watery eyes and constant sneezing?


Pollen and flowers cause hay fever in many people in the spring.  Photo: Getty Images


Pollen and flowers cause hay fever in many people in the spring.
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The sun rises more often, the winter coats are hidden in the back of the closet and the trees begin to bloom. For most people, the onset of spring is a cause for celebration. However, pollen and flowers are now flying into the air again, causing hay fever and allergies in millions of people in Germany.

Burning eyes and constant sneezing restrict daily life and, in the worst cases, can lead to allergic asthma or other illnesses. How can you relieve or even get rid of symptoms? Here you will find all the tips that can help treat hay fever.

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If you know the days when a lot of pollen is flying in the air, you can better prepare and prevent symptoms. The German Pollen Information Service provides daily and weekly forecasts of pollen levels in Germany.

Allergy sufferers can filter different trees. On the map of Germany, different areas are then colored green, yellow or red depending on the intensity of the pollution. You can also learn more about pollen concentration in Europe on the website.

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