Nearly 1,900 Ukrainian refugees reported in Ostalkeris – the influx continues

The first refugees from Ukraine arrived at LEA Ellwangen.

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The district administration will begin the identification service in the middle of next week.

enjoy On Friday, March 25, a total of 1,395 refugees from Ukraine were registered in the registry offices of 42 towns and communities of the Ostalp region. Another 500 are currently living in the state’s Initial Reception Center (LEA) in Ellwangen. District Manager Dr. Joachim Bläse in a press release and at the same time announced that from the middle of next week, registration of Ukrainian refugees living in 39 county municipalities will begin in the Aalen District Office. There are currently 915 people.

The search for housing continues

People from Ukraine reach the Ostalbkreis region via different routes. LEA is the first official point of contact for anyone who cannot stay with relatives or friends. However, if refugees from Ukraine arrive directly in a city or municipality and need housing, they can also contact local municipal halls directly. If there is no place to live in the municipality concerned, the city or municipality will clarify the issue of accommodation in coordination with the Ostalbkreis county office.

The district manager said: “We are still looking for accommodation, if you want to provide housing for refugees, please send an email to us at We offer on our website a checklist for download, which you must fill out and send us.”

Currently there are about 230 offers, not all of them are suitable. So far, the district office has been able to find housing for 88 Ukrainian refugees in local communities. About 30 more people will follow early next week. Meanwhile, 61 people have been able to move directly from the LEA to community housing (GU) in the area.

The Ostalb region currently has GUs in Aalen and Schwäbisch Gmünd. In addition, the DRK District Association in Allen District gave the former nursing home in Bopfingen to use as a GU, where refugees could also be housed. Additional capacities are currently available at Schwäbisch Gmünder Werrenwiesenstraße, a container facility in GU on Ulmer Straße in Aalen, the Congress Center in Der Neresheim, Kirchheim Abbey and a container facility in Schwäbisch Gmünder Benzholzstraße being constructed or expanded. “In the event of a need for accommodation on short notice, emergency accommodation in the former Bosch administration building in Schwäbisch Gmünd on Lorcher Straße is now ready for use,” explains Bläse.

Registration at the Town Hall is important

District Manager Dr. Bläse asks all those who have fled Ukraine who have found private housing in the municipalities to register at the municipality as soon as possible. “Registration under the Resident Act is important to us, but also to you,” the district official explains. “By doing this, you are taking the first step towards supporting the state and integrating into everyday life.” For the district, with the aim of distributing refugees at the state and state level, it is also important to know how many people have already been accepted here.

collection from wednesday

The Aliens Department of the District Office will begin the identification service next Wednesday. Refugees obtain registration appointments from the district office through the relevant municipal administration. The invitation will be sent in the order of the town hall registration date.

All refugees are registered, including children. Personal data and fingerprints are recorded and a picture is taken. Fingerprints are not taken for children under the age of 14,” explains Ute Girrulat, Head of Security and Order, where the immigration authorities are based in the district office. All available identification documents such as passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates or the like must be brought to the appointment Registration: “We make a copy of the documents for our files, the original documents are not kept.” If possible, the accompanying person should come as a translator.

Residence permit applications can also be submitted on the date of registration, provided they have not yet been sent to the district office. If someone has not yet filled out the application, it will be delivered on the date of registration.

Information about corona vaccination will also be presented in Ukrainian on the date of registration.

Certification is required before starting work

Anyone wishing to find gainful employment will receive a so-called fictitious certificate from the county office a few days after submitting the application. After receiving the certificate, you are allowed to start work. The mock certificate is sent by the county office to the respective town hall for delivery to the applicant.

For people living in the 39 county municipalities, the Department for Security and Order of the Ostalbkreis County Office is available for questions about residence permits at phone (07171) 32-4209 and (07361) 503-1552 or by email for disposal .

Financial Aid Request

Refugees from Ukraine can apply for financial assistance under the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act, i.e. living support, accommodation/rent costs, medical aid or education and participation benefits, directly from city and municipal administrations or from the Integration and Catering Department of the Ostalbkreis District Office. Application documents are available from these offices. If you have any questions about the application, the business unit can be contacted by email at

There is also important information and useful offers in Ukrainian and Russian for the time after your arrival in the Ostalp region.

The so-called PIK procedure, i.e. identification service registration, will begin next week at the Allen District Office. You can see the device used to scan the fingerprint.

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