Naidu’s new transformation: “This path will not be easy”

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Status: 04/20/2022 11:58 AM

This is not the first time that Xavier Naidoo has distanced himself from his statements. So experts are reluctant to comment on the question of whether the singer really got away from the conspiracy myths.

Written by Wolf Rohweeder, ARD Fact Finder Editors

The video is a good three minutes long: “I have been open to theories, viewpoints and sometimes also groups, which I stay away from without any condition or reservations,” claims singer Xavier Naidoo and justifies his stance on the war. In Ukraine: “It seems that the world has turned upside down and I wondered how this could be done.”

In addition to the approval, there was also a lot of skepticism on the network about the singer’s sudden change of heart – it’s been Naidoo’s tactic for more than two decades to foment extreme, racist, and homophobic failures and then turn back. In a 1999 interview with “Musikexpress” he described himself as “a racist, but regardless of the color of his skin.”

Legends of the Reich citizen in the morning magazine

Naidoo claimed in 2011: “We are still an occupied country.” ARD morning magazine – He added a treatise from the bourgeois center of the Reich as an explanation, before the mediators quickly changed the subject: “Germany does not have a peace treaty – and therefore Germany is not a real country.”

Since then, Naidoo has consistently defended this thesis, including in a 2014 speech on German Unity Day in Berlin – wearing a T-shirt with “Freedom for Germany” written on it. This happened on the stage of the citizens of the Reich, who also reject the sovereignty of Germany and often have connections in far-right circles. In the SWR The singer defended his performance: “I want to get close to the people. Also to the Reichsbürger. Also to the NPD. That’s it for me sausage.”

Anti-Semitic Zeros

Naidoo has repeatedly shown how far this “people getting close” goes. In 2009 he sang in “Raus aus dem Reichstag”: “Like the guys from Keinherzbank, who gamble with our coals. You’ve been so bad, you’re standing grumpy in your stockings. Cocks. You’re a fox and you’re just idiots.” The Yiddish term “Shmuk” describes an arrogant, opportunistic Jew, and there are many anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds of Jewish banking as the so-called rulers of the world – anyone who knows the laws understands them well.

However, Naidoo opposed a law he described as anti-Semitic – and initially succeeded in doing so. But at the final stage, the ruling was overturned by the Federal Constitutional Court.

Anti-gay verses and the call to the leader

Along with Kool Savas, Naidoo sang on their debut album, Split Personality:

I’ll cut off your arms and legs and then I’ll fuck you in the ass like you do with little ones. I’m just sad, not angry. With that, I will kill you. You kill babies and fetuses and I’ll smash your balls. You don’t have any size and you can’t control little cocks. Why don’t you love a whore, because everyone is made of one? Where are our helpers, our strongmen, where are our leaders, where are they now?

Here, too, Naidoo tried a quick appeasement: Naidoo said in a statement that anyone who thinks this is anti-gay would misinterpret it – he is interested in condemning ritual murders, and he also expresses “our great sympathy and respect for all gays and lesbians around the world.”

Artists show their solidarity

In 2016, Naidoo was supposed to represent the Federal Republic of Germany at the European Song Contest – a country, he said, that does not actually exist. Only after violent protests, from his house too, did he agree NDR decision returns. At the initiative of Naidoo concert promoter Marek Lieberberg, 121 creative artists including Jan Delay, Jan Josef Liefers and Til Schweiger placed a one-page solidarity declaration in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. After the failures of a new-legendary plot for his student, Lieberberg distances himself from the event.

Celebrated by TV special – in the beginning

However, Naidoo celebrated more successes in the coming years, especially on TV specials. Despite the allegations, the VOX channel devoted him to a special show, and he was a member of the jury of the RTL program “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. The engagement ended abruptly in 2020 when he sang in a video clip: “I love almost everyone, but what if there is a murder almost every day in which the guest steals life from the host, then I must say hard words choose. Because no one may torture my people “.

So RTL stopped working with it. Naidoo then claimed, “For years I have been working with the deepest conviction against exclusion and racial hatred. Love and respect are the only way to social coexistence.”

Radical extremism since 2020

Especially during the Corona pandemic, Naidu has become more and more extreme. He propagated myths from the QAnon ideology, according to which satanic elites torture children for “adenochrome”, the Earth is actually flat and man-made climate change does not exist. She described Reich citizen and right-wing extremist Rüdiger Hoffmann, who was convicted of the murder, as a “true hero”.

In a video he distributed, the Holocaust was described as a “historical success story” and a “fairy tale”, and Naidu called the Jews a “gang of lies”. Among other things, he recorded a song and a video with the far-right singer Hannes Ostendorf, and the far-right magazine Compact dedicated a special issue to him.

break the silence

Since mid-2021, things have been quiet around Naidoo – until the current video message. However, the singer does not leave in it any of his sayings to withdraw. “The main problem with Naidoo’s current statement is that it is ambiguous in many places: it distances itself from viewpoints and groups – but doesn’t call them,” explains Joseph Holenberger, Managing Director of the Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy (CeMAS). . The singer partially puts it into perspective by saying that he “allowed himself to be partially exploited”.

However, the data showed that he was very active on Telegram himself, according to the researcher: “There he also shared the anti-Semitic pamphlet The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and attended conferences with Holocaust denier Nikolai Nerling.” The statement did indeed play a major role in the scene: “Reaction ranged from allegations of traitors to astonishment to allegations that Naidu was forced to make such a statement.”

Michael Bloom, the commissioner of anti-Semitism in Baden-Württemberg, sees Naidoo, if he is serious, going a long and difficult path: “Although old conspiracy believers always succeed in breaking out of conspiracy myths, it is usually a difficult and long process until a new identity emerges. open and scientifically informed. That way, according to Bloom on Twitter, “It can’t be easy.”

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