How does coronavirus affect my residence permit/visa?

1 – Requests to extend residence permits (except for Schengen visas)

The issuance of bogus certificates is increasing when applying for extensions of residence permits. This means that your previous residence will continue to be considered legal until a decision is made by the immigration authorities.

The application can be submitted informally by phone, email or post. Immigration authorities can also send bogus certificates by e-mail or post.

2. Shortening of residence permits / loss of purpose

In cases where it is expected that the residence bond cannot be extended or that the purpose of the residence permit will cease to apply in another way (eg in the event of termination of employment), it is expected that the residence law will continue to enforce it. Authorities should continue to enforce obligations to leave the country, as far as possible due to circumstances. If it is indeed impossible to leave the country, forgiveness will be granted.

3. Do I lose my residence permit if I receive short-time work benefits?

Receipt of the short-time allowance does not affect the validity of the residence permit.

4. I am abroad and cannot return to Germany within six months, what should I do?

As a general rule, foreigners may not stay abroad for more than six months without fear of legal impediments. Bei Ausländern mit Aufenthaltstitel, die sich derzeit im Ausland befinden und aufgrund der Corona-Krise keine Möglichkeit mehr haben innerhalb der Sechsmonatsfrist des § 51 Abs. 1 Nr. 7 AufenthG nach Deutschland zurückzukehren, können von den Ausländerbehörden noch vor Ablauf dieser Frist eine großzügige Fristverlängerung Receive.

5. My Schengen visa is expired, what should I do?

Extension of Schengen visas requires a personal visit. In the current special situation, to simplify the procedure, you can apply for an extension of the period of departure to the immigration authorities by e-mail, mentioning your personal data. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has asked the immigration authorities to grant a generous departure period and inform this informally in writing or by email.

6. I am in Germany without a visa but my 90 day period has expired, what should I do?

In principle, there is an obligation to leave Germany if possible. If this is not possible due to Corona, the responsible foreign authority must be contacted before the end of the 90 days, stating your personal data – if necessary by e-mail – and you must apply for a bogus certificate. The application alone has the effect that the stay is still allowed until the immigration authorities make a decision.

7. I currently only have a Duldung, what happens next?

In principle, the immigration authorities will continue to try to terminate your stay. Since this is already difficult under normal circumstances, in the current situation, extending the tolerance is often definitely an option.

8. How does the coronavirus affect skilled workers?

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has requested immigration authorities to prioritize the treatment of specialized procedures, particularly for persons in the health and care professions, health research and transport personnel in the movement of goods and other related areas systematically.

9. Passport and Documentation Regulations under Immigration Law

Applications for residence permits, travel documents and passport must always be submitted and collected in person.

In view of the individual special status of the relevant aliens authority, only the issuance of fictitious certificates may be the case.

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