Essen parking drama: What we know so far about the victims

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Who are the teenagers who fell into a multi-storey car park in Essen Borbeck? Try to look for clues on the third day after the accident.

Even on the third day after the fatal accident in the Borbeck district of Essen, the dismay and grief among the local citizens still ran high. On Easter, two young men (19 and 16) fell 18 meters in a Volkswagen Golf from the top floor of a multi-storey car park and died. Many men and women still come to the scene on Wednesday, laying flowers or lighting candles.

One also placed pictures of the victims in a white frame: Reza (19), a young man in a dark polo shirt, thumbs up, Zayn (16) by Hearn, black jacket, hat, wearing a “selfie” with cell phone mirror, apparently in elevator. At least it became clear that old people were known here in the region, in Purbeck-Mitte around Germania Platz.

Essen parking garage: Reda (19), the biggest victim, was hanging out at a lot of places in the area

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“He’s always wanted to get a real job eventually and maybe he had something on the horizon,” says the employee in a ground floor hallway across from the parking garage. She says she “knows the ‘dead man’ well because he spent so much time in the parking garage.” with what? “With chilling.” Even over time.

It is clear that the multi-storey car park has long been a meeting place for young people who do not know what to do with their time. The destroyed panels and graffiti on the walls bear witness to this. The locals had long since warned. On Wednesdays car park access is still free; After all, the security company responsible for guarding the property stopped a man in a yellow safety vest in front of the building. “No one is allowed to go to the top,” he says.

Reza, as many youngsters reported on Wednesday morning, did not start any proper training after leaving the Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule in Purbeck, but he did spend a lot of time around Germaniaplatz – at the sports betting office, at the kebab shop and in the multi-storey car park. “Everyone here knows it,” says the arcade employee.

Essen garage: rumors are still spreading across Purbeck

Much of what is being said here and now is just a rumour: for example, that the green Volkswagen Golf that Reza and Zain drove through Purbeck before the fatal accident. They bought the car from a scrap dealer for example. But the truth is that the two teens were traveling without a driver’s license or license plates. The police did not comment on any of these rumours. Many witnesses are still being heard.

It is repeatedly said that young men wanted to “drift” on the parking deck, i.e. drive at high speed, and then brake abruptly in order to push the car sideways onto the ground. “I don’t think so,” says the arcade writer. “I think they just wanted to drive.” Because Reda, her dead friend, had never had anything to do with cars before. “That was the first time it was an Easter Sunday.”

The young man who lived in Altendorf is said to have a younger brother in his teens. “He was with us on the trip, but got off before they got into the parking garage,” says the employee. This exit appears to have saved his life. The police have not confirmed this observation yet.

Meanwhile, men and women continue to come to the scene and lay flowers, although often they don’t know the victims: “Just tragic,” says a woman and lights a candle. “I have a son who is 20 years old.”

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