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ECDC Memmingen did it: in front of 3,100 fans, the Allgäu defeated Hannover 5:3. From Friday the Indians will play Regensburg for the title.

Ice hockey fairy tale ECDC Memmingen He continues: In the fifth and decisive game of the semi-finals of the ice hockey Oberliga, Memminger defeated the “Indians” of Hanover 5:3 (2:0; 0:1; 3:2). The dramatic match at Memminger Hühnerberg was watched by 3,108 spectators, including a group of hundreds of loud, committed Hanoverians.

The Memminger Indians will continue on Friday with their first final match against “Eisbären” of Regensburg. Since the Memmingers have the rights to the house again, the first game will take place at 8 p.m. in Hühnerberg.

ECDC Memmingen must cut the full distance of the match against the Indians of Hanover

ECDC Memmingen knocked out the “Miners” of Herne with a 3-0 win in the round of 16 and “Trappers” of Tilburg in the quarter-finals with the same score. Against the fourth round in the main round of Oberliga Nord, the maximum number of matches required to reach a decision, which is five matches.

After 4:5 after extra time at Hühnerberg and a 0:4 bankruptcy in Game 4 at the Pferdeturm in Hannover, everyone was excited to see how the Memminger Indians would climb onto the ice in the crucial fifth game. Totally tense or determined to do it all? The response from Peter Paul came from the opening encounter: he burst into the goal of the European team Hanover as if bitten by a tarantula spider and immediately pressed him.

After just 20 seconds, all pre-match discussions were lost: Leon Kittel took a shot of the blue line – and the disc was there! This ended a 90-minute goal drought for the ECDC team in the semi-finals. After winning 4-0 in the third half, Memminger scored no more. Hanover, on the other hand, has nine. Not only did guest goalkeeper David Miseruti Butcher have to concede the goal, he also had to shout out the forced ‘flycatcher’ from the fans behind him.

Mate Becker digs hard, Sergey Topol pushes the disc over the line

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Miserotti-Böttcher, who has been outstanding in the playoffs so far, had to get behind him for a second time in the eighth minute. Because the hosts did what they sorely missed in the fourth game: they pushed with all their might for the ECH goal. Mattie Becker smashed in and Alec Roth pushed the disc over the goal line to make it 2-0. But that was with scoring for the first third. But in reality it was quite different: the hosts proved that after the 2-2 draw by EC Hannover on Monday, it is clear that they made the right conclusions to reach the final.

After 40 minutes, the match score is still completely open

In the 26th minute, Hanover fans received a ‘flycatcher’: ECDC goalkeeper Marco Eisenhout allowed a relatively harmless shot by Ruben Talmer to slip through his doubles – he now had to listen to the snarling cheers of the visiting fans. And it seemed that the Indians from Hanover were suddenly back in the game. But the center quickly recovered and tried to restore the old distance. Topol had his best chance six minutes before the end of the period. However, Miserotti-Böttcher saved his sharp shot from the left.

After 40 minutes, the result of the match was still fully open.

Jaroslav Havenrichter explains everything to Memmingen

In the final section, Hanover once again recovered from the impotence at Hühnerberg. After just 37 seconds, the guests tied to make it 2:2. Top scorer was Kyle Gibbons. Thalmir scored his second goal this evening in the 43rd minute. ECDC’s 2-0 lead turned into a 2-3 delay. But the Memmingers did not give up and came back: in the 48th minute they equalized through Alec Ahlroth. Eight minutes later, they were outnumbered again. And Jaroslav Havenrichter sent Matti Becker, who was a free in front of goal, with a golden hand, and dashed to make the score 4:3.

Two minutes and 43 seconds before the end, Hanover coach Lenny Suchio kicked his goalkeeper off the ice. Nobody is sitting in the stands anymore. 8.3 seconds before the final siren sounded, ‘Garo’ Hafnrichter did it himself: he put the ball into the empty net of EC Hannover and fired his team in the first Uberliga final in the club’s 30-year history.

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